TWIGS: Beast CD. Alterna Rock


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1. Beast (2.56)
2. Bone Song (2.55)
3. Family Ties (2.23)
4. Your Sort of Girl (4.39)
5. Distasteful (2.59)
6. Trouble Me (7.49)
This band comes from Bergen, Norway and their sound is
fast and slow, speedy and catching its breath, a bit trashy, dirty, noisy, tough, lo-fi with rattling guitars. With added female vocals it enters the dark alleys of The Breeders mixed with Dinosaur Jr / Sonic Youth. Growling guitars, deep deep down the scales. Enough slap bass to keep you happy for years to come. Great high and low, light and scratchy female vocals. Pretty Kristin Hersh-like at times, but also Breeders-esque through the duet vocals in ‘Beast’ and ‘Bone Song’. The latter being very early Lush-like, with a garage sound to it. ‘Your Sort of Girl’ is so fantastic that it will be impossible to get out of your head. Single guitar leads the way to the bass, which fills the empty spot until the drums and the other guitar walks around the corner to join them. Then, Katy starts singing in a casual way, like she has said all this a thousand times before, trying to act like she does not care by not following the red thread the guitars, bass or drums have drawn up at all. But as soon as the chorus kicks in, we know that it is not true. And it is a very addictive chorus. The second time it goes into instrumental mode, building up and up and up to a climax with a gorgeous muffled metal, almost Cure-like effect on a guitar, then back into the chorus again. It is ingenious. “I know I should be hating you, always end up hating me. I wish that I could hate you now, really wish I could be free.” The last song, ‘Trouble Me’, will make you think of the non-Barlow Sebadoh mayhem sessions half the time, and if they had used a male vocalist here, the rest would be a Barlow or J. Mascis slowie. It is that it is dirty and beautiful at the same time

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