TRUCKER: Nothing to See Here (sealed) CD For fans of Nirvana, Social Distortion.


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Release Date 2003
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Studio Recording

Recommended if you like: Nirvana, Social Distortion

Trucker is based out of Lawrence, KS. They accomplishments include being featured on FarmClub in 2000, B.E.A.M grant recipient, and in 2002 they were named by the AMA as one of the Top 50 unsigned bands in the U.S.
Their latest release, Nothing To See Here is a very broad representation of what Trucker was and what it continues to become. With older tracks like “Neither Nor I”, “Never Wanna Be Without It” and “Junkies Anthem” combined with newer tracks like “Do You Even Care” and “Two Days” the band wanted to chronicle its 7 years of song writing the best they could in one CD. Although there were 15 more songs tracked for this record Trucker felt and album with all new tracks would not truly represent the past and the current. In a way it was putting some of the songs they still believe in to rest and freeing them to pursue new avenues of song writing and recording in the future.

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