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Treasure Seeker – A Tribute To The Past
Label: Treasure Hunt Records THR-CD 044
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1996
Genre: Rock, Heavy Metal, White Metal,
consists of one own song “A Tribute To The Past” and nine cover versions of their favorite Metal/Hardrock songs played in the typical German Power Metal style.

Olaf Hayer – Vocals
Andy Gutjahr – Guitar
Marc Piras – Guitar
Willi Hieb – Bass
Danilo Batdorf – Drums

1. A Tribute to the Past 05:10
2. Too Late for Living (Saint Cover) 04:18
3. To Hell With the Devil (Stryper Cover) 03:55
4. Flames of Fire (Leviticus Cover) 03:07
5. Out of the Darkness (Bloodgood Cover) 03:18
6. Silent Screams (Rez Cover) 04:15
7. Rebels of Jesus Christ (Jerusalem Cover) 03:11
8. Warriors of Light (Force3 Cover) 03:50
9. Heroes (Bride Cover) 05:22
10. Meet Again (Creed Cover) 04:24

Producer M. Jesch, W. Hieb
Mixed at Treasure Hunt studios/Germany
Barcode: 4013220000442

Another killer German speed metal band, Treasure Seeker offer up a tribute to some of their favourite Christian metal bands. The best song on this disc, however, is the awesome original “Tribute to the Past” which echoes such bands as Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. The covers are cool to hear, especially “To Hell With the Devil,” “Heroes,” and “Too Late For Living,” all of which are favourites of mine as well. “Warrior of Light” by Force 3 is a strange and obscure choice of a cover. It isn’t very good, in my opinion, however Treasure Seekers version of the song is decent. Treasure Seeker is made up of members of Lightmare, Chryztyne, and Seventh Avenue.


Olaf Hayer – Vocals
(Dionysus (Swe) , Luca Turilli , Lord Byron (Deu) , Chryztyne , Magic Kingdom , Aina )

Andy Gutjahr – Guitar
(Lightmare , Tankard , Seventh Avenue , Creed (Deu) )

Marc Piras – Guitar
(Trust (Deu) /Trust Rocks )

Willi Hieb – Bass
(Seventh Avenue )

Danilo Batdorf – Drums
(Dreamscape (Deu) )


Tribute to the Forefathers! – 95%
There are few tributes which are actually good but not excellent. Mainly because some of them have really good songs but the bad songs are utter shit. Some of them are just compilations from B-sides, exclusive bonus tracks, special bootlegs or any other kind. Some of them are purposely recorded as tributes but some bands are totally unrelated styles to the originals so they lose the vibe completely. In this case we get a straight power metal tribute for some of the most classic heavy metal anthems in the Christian market (just in case some of them are actually known in non-Christian circles).

Guess who is in charge of the vocal pipes? None other than Mr. Olaf Hayer and here my friends, he definitely let loose all his vocal power. He sings far better than any other metal release he has been involved with, including Luca Turilli. Considering that these are heavy metal anthems from those of Stryper, Bride, Jerusalem, Bloodgood and the sort the shoes to fill were HUGE and he did an amazing job taking these songs o a new level in the vocal department although in some instances the vocals are tracked many times to give this high pitched feeling. Think of Primal Fear usage of this to get the idea. Even so and taking into account that there were many singers with different characteristics in the originals Olaf performed them flawlessly. But I will detail on the songs themselves a little later on.

The guitar distortion is somewhat light and takes away the punch of the original 80s songs but even so the riffs are very well performed. Perhaps the problem resides within the fact that the musicians are all power metal so the distortion fits power metal but not heavy metal where these songs come from. The drumming department is really flat. I mean, it is there only to fill the position and nothing else. The songs being that anthemic don’t need much re-arrangement and thus I think it is the way of the drums being that simplistic but some punch would’ve helped a little bit since the bass drum is barely heard. The guitar solos are well executed but again, they pale comparing to some of the originals (Take Heroes for example).

Now on to the songs: A tribute to the past is the only original song and it is a very good way to introduce this tribute: fast, powerful, pure power metal, with lots of guitar hooks everywhere and a powerful riff. It is a pity again about the drums and bass which are almost non-existent. As far as the vocals they are perfect. This is very similar to Lightmare and Seventh Avenue since the musicians are basically the same.

Too late for living, originally from Saint (Christian-Judas Priest-influenced 80s band) is, I think, better than the original. The vocals are raspier and sung in a lower tone. The screams are very good and the song power-metalized, my opinion, is that is far beyond more powerful than the original.

To hell with the devil by Stryper pales in comparison to the original. This is mainly because of the flat drumming and guitar distortion. Since the song is very simple they focused on the solo and the super high pitched vocals which are flawlessly performed.

Flames of Fire by Leviticus is from their album Setting fire to the Earth from 1987 was their heaviest material and very consistent although not kick ass since the band was always mid rock-mid hard rock but no straight heavy metal like Priest or Maiden. In this case the tribute is not necessarily worst or better. It is just an average heavy metal song. The cool thing about this one is perhaps the vocal tracks since they are dubbed many times.

Out of Darkness by Bloodgood: Bloodgood is without a doubt a very special band. Their theatrical approach and charisma made them legends and while The Messiah is perhaps their most known song this was a wise choice. OOD is very creepy and the dark atmosphere provokes chills through you. Bloodgood had a problem with the light guitars due to production and some light approach in this department. That is why I think in this case this song is more powerful than the original. Nevertheless the focal point of this song is without any doubt the vocal melodies by Les Carlsen which Olaf performs with a lot of feeling and emotion.

Silent Screams: This was as well REZs heaviest album (Silent Screams) and the acoustic clean guitars at the beginning provide the depressive sound this song carries. This was the best song choice for a REZ song. Its mid tempo riff and the vocal melodies are outstanding. Naturally, the raspy blues voice of Glen Kaiser and Wendy Kaiser differ totally from the power metal approach of Olaf but then again, this is what makes the two songs very interesting since they were both performed flawlessly.

Rebels of Jesus Christ by Jerusalem is a bombastic tune reminiscent of Judas Priest or even Motley Crue. It is very catchy and head banging tune. In this case the vocal approach is very reminiscent of Ulf Christianson and this is definitely another tribute perfectly played. The solo is not that shredding but more groovy but that does not take away the enjoyment for this fast tune.

Warrior of light by Force 3 is completely unknown to me. I believe it should’ve been some band from Europe which never got known in US. IMHO I would’ve chosen something from Barren Cross or even Guardian.

Heroes by Bride is one of the best songs in here if not the best in regards to the vocals. Olaf sings even higher than Dale Thompson, being his tone being a cleaner than Dale Thompsons. The final screams will shatter your eardrums. The guitar solo is not as killer as Troy’s but even so, this makes an amazing tribute to one of my favorite songs of all time.

Meet again by Creed (of course not the 90 modern hard rock band) is the best choice from that band. Creed was recognized in Europe because they were from Germany and it was an early attempt to power metal, but not as heavy and/or fast as Walls of Jericho. This version perfectly renders tribute to the original.

This is it my friends, if you are Christian this is THE tribute for anthem heavy metal songs you must buy or die. If you are non-Christian but know some of these songs or want a kick ass heavy metal tribute and the chance to get to know some amazing bands, you can start here. Long live the forefathers of heavy metal!

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