TOTAL STRANGER: Obsession 2CD (Double CD). 2 albums. Killer Canadian A.O.R. amazing! A hidden AOR diamond! Check audio


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Just…. amazing!!!! A hidden AOR diamond!!! 1. Cream/Believe in Yourself
2. Obsession
3. Rising Sun
4. Life After Life
5. Erotic
6. Vision of the Very Young
7. Mistaken Ways
8. Hey You
9. Wildest Dreams
10. Little Somethin’


1. Paradise
2. Bed of lies
3. Shy away
4. Cant stop
5. Yesterday
6. Guardian
7. Cant win for loosin
8. Nothins missin
9. The mask
10. Big dream
11. Shoulder to cry on
12.To the city – bonus
13.Paradise – acoustic bonus

Category: Prog AOR
Year: 2002
Label: Escape Music (United Kingdom)
Catalog Number: ESM073

Al Langlade lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Andre Pelletier lead and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Rolly Saunlier bass, backing vocals
Peter Martin drums
Jim Flynn keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

Second disc is their self-titled album from 1997.

Disc 1
1. Cream/Believe in Yourself 4:40
2. Obsession 4:18
3. Rising Sun 5:18
4. Life After Life 5:44
5. Erotic 6:21
6. Vision of the Very Young 5:34
7. Mistaken Ways 4:31
8. Hey You 3:39
9. Wildest Dreams 3:27
10. Little Somethin’ 4:55

Total Running Time: 48:27

Disc 2
11. Paradise 3:31
12. Bed of Lies 3:45
13. Shy Away 4:52
14. Can’t Stop 4:26
15. Yesterday 3:54
16. Guardian 2:40
17. Can’t Win for Losin’ 3:54
18. Nothins Missin 4:37
19. The Mask 3:54
20. Big Dream 3:47
21. Shoulder to Cry On 4:28
22. To the City 4:21
23. Paradise acoustic version 3:25

Total Running Time: 51:34

1st class melodic rock .imagine a mixture of Von groove with tower city a you get a pretty good idea of how good this is

This is a great rocking CD, so is their 1st. Much like Von Groove the production is tight & the compositions are similar, as are the vocals. The 2cd version is also an excellent buy.

Hi I bought this double CD album thinking that also first and second CD are quite similar in sound,because some people said to me that the first CD from 1997(bonus here) was quite good. Disc 2, which is actually the debut album from these guys, is outstanding! If you like the debut Von Groove CD you’ll love this. ‘Paradise’ is amazing melodic hard rock.

I basically bought this album for the “S/T” bonus disc. Excellent hard rock. “Obsession” on the other hand, is a bit unusual. Progressive, melodic, and modern all at once. disc 2 is great and worth getting this for (if you can’t find it separately).

BRILLIANT disc1 and DIAMOND BRILLIANT disc2 so this is beautiful AOR with great great keys.Love it.11*/10

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