THOR: Only the strong CD ltd. to 1000 copies. + free: Thor’s singer / wife nude photos & clips. [Totally EPIC. Check videos + pictures]


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Unisound
Playing time: 47:37
1. 2045
2. Only The Strong
3. Start Raising Hell
4. Knock ‘Em Down
5. Let The Blood Run Red
6. When Gods Collide
7. Rock The City
8. Now Comes The Storm
9. Thunder On The Tundra
10. Hot Flames
11. Ride Of The Chariots
12. Rock the city
13. Knock ’em down

Tracks 12 and 13 were not on the original 1985 version of this release, but are not marked as bonus tracks on this version.

+ buy this CD and get hundreds of nude photos of Thor’s singer / wife / girlfriend and edited erotic films (just the clips she is on;  only her exact contributions to those films) for free.  Vocalist and once wife of Jon Mikl Thor, was known as a fabulous nude pinup and a great porn actress. Don’t miss the opportunity to own her work!  Message / email after you buy this CD and we will transfer the files ( ) even before you receive this CD. You will only need to provide an email address.

Boobs: Natural    /   Measurements: 38-24-36    
Bra/cup size: G
                                                    She co-wrote the following 11 great songs, that are easily Thor’s best. Is this a coincidence?
THOR – Unchained: Death March
THOR – Only The Strong: 2045, Start Raising Hell, Knock ‘Em Down, Now Comes The Storm, Thunder In The Tundra, Hot Flames, Ride Of The Chariots
Jon-Mikl THOR – Recruits Wild In The Streets: Warhammer, Ragnarok, Lady Of The Night

        Vocals (she sung with THOR on)
1983 Unchained (EP): Vocals (backing)
1984 Let the Blood Run Red (Single): Vocals (backing)
1984 Thunder on the Tundra (Single): Vocals (backing)
1985 Only the Strong: Vocals (backing)
1985 Live in Detroit (Live album): Vocals (backing)
1986 Recruits – Wild in the Streets: Vocals (backing)
1998 Thunderstruck – Tales from the Equinox: Vocals (backing)
1998 Rare Footage – Live 1984 in England (Video): Vocals
2005 An-THOR-Logy 1976-1985 (Video): Vocals
2014 Live in England 1984 (Live album): Vocals

On to this CD then:

On the great track Let The Blood Run Red, Thor’s Jon Mikl Thor exclaims “How can I tell you (that) I’m better than you?”.  And it seems there were countless ways in which Jon Mikl Thor was indeed better than you.  Besides fronting the heavy metal band Thor, Jon Mikl was also a bodybuilder, sometimes actor, and all around magnificent son of a bitch with a very hot bitch (Pantera / Cheri Bomb / Cherry Bomb / Rusty Hamilton).  Jon Mikl Thor performed feats of strength on a nightly basis as part of his live act.  Blowing up hot water bottles and bending iron bars with his teeth were two of Jon Mikl Thor’s go-to crowd pleasers.

Yeah, Thor was silly as sh*t.  Jon Mikl Thor dressed the part of a mythological warrior, and delivered his “chest metal” lyrics with tongue firmly in cheek (I hope).  But Thor wasn’t a parody act; Thor played honest to goodness metal — sure to bring a smile to your toothless mug, and send you speeding off to Valhalla in a flaming chariot of fury!

Only The Strong is the best known album of Thor’s long career.  A fine hunk of mid-eighties scrap metal.  13 tracks comprise Only The Strong, and the absolute highlight of the album has to be Let The Blood Run Red.  Great lyric: “Let the blood run red, let them all be dead, all those who oppose the METAL AVENGER!”.  Yeah.  It’s that kind of album.  Comic book fantasy meets steroid-induced rage.  Step aside, all ye mortals.  Lest ye be tea-bagged in the name of METAL!  My score: A+

Very straight song structures mingle with simple melodies that you already can whistle along after the first listen. And still the album has that certain something. Like the headbanger “”Thunder On The Tundra”” or the faster “”Ride Of The Chariots”” are a welcome journey into the good old times, when Metal still was Metal, the girls were willing and beer was flowing in streams. Who would like to check this out first should try out the “”Let The Blood Run Red”” cover version of BEWITCHED (to be found on “”At The Gates Of Hell”).


Τα περιοδικά της εποχής περιέγραφαν τον Jon Mikl Thor ως τον ημίθεο body builder μπρατσαρά του heavy metal που αφού έκανε γνωστό το όνομα κερδίζοντας τίτλους τόσο στην ιδιαίτερη πατρίδα του τον Καναδά όσο και την Αμερική αποφάσισε να εισέλθει στα λημέρια του heavy metal και το 1985 κυκλοφόρησε τον καλύτερο ίσως δίσκο της καριέρας του “Only the strong”. Εμφάνιση που παραπέμπει καρφί στο “Into glory ride” των μεγάλων MANOWAR, macho εμφάνιση, πρόζα, φουσκωμένοι μυς και συναφή μουσικά σχέση με το epic metal, συνθέσεις βασισμένες κατά μεγάλο μέρος στα ηρωικά φωνητικά του ηγέτη τους, οι THOR έκαναν αίσθηση. ακούγοντας μία 25ετία αργότερα κομμάτια όπως τα “Only the strong”, “Let the battle run red”, “When Gods collide”, “Thunder in the thundra”, “Hot flames”, “Ride of the chariots”, αυτό που μένει είναι μία γλυκιά μελαγχολία μίας σπουδαίας, τίμιας και ειλικρινούς καταγραφής των συναισθημάτων του καλλιτέχνη. [Γρηγόρης Μπαξεβανίδης]

check the following cover versions. All of them songs from this LP:



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