THOR: Beastwomen from the center of the earth CD. + free erotic photos & porn clips of Thor’s singer & wife. Check samples


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THOR / MICK HOFFMAN: Beastwomen from the center of the earth [1st pressing w/ lighter cover]

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Track listing:
1. Break the Ice 03:15
2. Beastwomen 04:36
3. The Sleeping Giant 04:14
4. Dargila 04:20
5. Sirens Calling 03:06
6. The Sky Land 04:15
7. We Are the Panthers 03:49
8. Hail Thor 05:07
9. Mushroom World 04:35
10. Palace of Gold 03:55
11. Cry of the Valkyrie 03:45
12. Underground 03:37
13. Symphony of Steel (Bonus Track) 03:08

Great effort by the almighty knight of ‘cheese metal’, the nearly unforgettable – Thor! Worth checking out if you have the time and desire. Cuts here I was impressed with was the power-packed “Sleeping Giant”, “Sirens Calling”, the sedate “Hail Thor” and “Cry Of The Valkyrie”. Line-up: Thor – vocals, Michael Hoffman – coordinator&vocals, Mike Frank and Frank Soda – guitars and Scoot Woolard – bass&samplings. Give it a shot.

I’ve been a fan of Jon Mikl Thors ever since I stumbled across “Rock n Roll Nightmare” at my local Mom & Pop video store in the late 80s.
Yes, this a cheesy album…how could it not be? If the title doesn’t clue you in to the nature of the tunes found here, and the artwork leaves you intrigued as to what type of music is contained on the disk…then please avoid getting into police work.
Thor is all about being a ‘Rock Warrior’ (if you don’t believe me…just give “Hail Thor” a listen)..and in this Rock Opera Concept Album he has to battle Beastwomen who have been living underground in Mushroom Land…(no I’m not making that up!). Throw in some Panther People and you get one heck of an underground showdown. Actually, I think the “Panther” song would be awesome to play at Carolina’s home games…what better way for the struggling NFL team to rush onto the field and get their fans fired up?
Anyway, you get some decent power metal guitar work, and tunes which are actually pretty catchy….and the glory of actually owning a disk called “Beastwomen from the Center of the Earth”…that is priceless!

+ buy this CD and get hundreds of nude photos of Thor’s singer / wife / girlfriend and edited erotic films (just the clips she is on;  only her exact contributions to those films) for free.  Vocalist and once wife of Jon Mikl Thor, was known as a fabulous nude pinup and a great porn actress. Don’t miss the opportunity to own her work!  Message / email after you buy this CD and we will transfer the files ( ) even before you receive this CD. You will only need to provide an email address. 

Boobs: Natural

Measurements: 38-24-36

Bra/cup size: G

                                                    She co-wrote the following 11 great songs, that are easily Thor’s best. Is this a coincidence?

THOR – Unchained: Death March

THOR – Only The Strong: 2045, Start Raising Hell, Knock ‘Em Down, Now Comes The Storm, Thunder In The Tundra, Hot Flames, Ride Of The Chariots

Jon-Mikl THOR – Recruits Wild In The Streets: Warhammer, Ragnarok, Lady Of The Night

                                              Vocals (she sung with THOR on)

1983 Unchained (EP): Vocals (backing)

1984 Let the Blood Run Red (Single): Vocals (backing)

1984 Thunder on the Tundra (Single): Vocals (backing)

1985 Only the Strong: Vocals (backing)

1985 Live in Detroit (Live album): Vocals (backing)

1986 Recruits – Wild in the Streets: Vocals (backing)

1998 Thunderstruck – Tales from the Equinox: Vocals (backing)

1998 Rare Footage – Live 1984 in England (Video): Vocals

2005 An-THOR-Logy 1976-1985 (Video): Vocals

2014 Live in England 1984 (Live album): Vocals

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