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Urban stories of socio political angst and unrequited love told through an intense mix of contemporary rock styles with a unique sensibility.
1 Species Closeout
2 Unwanted Child
3 Faces In The Shower
4 Melted Wax
5 Marion
6 My Imago
7 Fun House
8 Thirty Dollars An Ounce
9 Face The Fear
10 Damaged Goods
11 Homogenized

This is the first self-produced CD from the multi-talented artist, Thea Kearney a singer, songwriter and guitarist, as well as visual artist from Brooklyn, NY, Thea K’s music has diverse influences with a mix of folksy rock, metal, pop, punk and a bit of funk with a singer/songwriter sensibility. From the sociopolitical commentary of the title track “”Species Closeout”” and the song “”Homogenized,”” to the quirky pop of “”Faces In the Shower”” or funk-tinged songs “”My Imago”” and “”Fun House,”” this CD has something for everyone. From the lighter, introspective songs “”Marion”” and “”Damaged Goods”” to the heavier, metal-influenced songs like “”Thirty Dollars An Ounce,”” this CD takes the basic genre of rock and adds many different ingredients. Always one to resist being put into a category or become a clone of anyone, Thea K, along with the drumming talents of Pam Arnold, and bassist Peter Sampson, has created a great D.I.Y. alternative rock album with thoughtful lyrics and some kicking rock n’ roll. Crank this one up for the best listening experience! A self-taught musician, Thea K is not your average female singer/songwriter. She writes and plays her own guitar solos, illustrated and designed the cover, and had a hand in mixing the tracks as well. This CD is straight-forward with minimal overdubs or multi-tracking to stay faithful to Thea K’s power trio live shows. If you like different styles of rock with lyrics that are smart, angry, ironic and quirky, you will be pleased. “

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