The HEROINES: Groupie CD. Germany’s finest female fronted Glam Punk n Roll Band. Check video


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Here is the long-waited début album of Germanys finest female fronted Glam-PunknRoll Band!! you get 40 minutes of pure RocknRoll energy and a big pack of snotty Punk-Rock; female fronted Ass-Rock-Rockets who smell like Fun and Sweat and who will make you scream on their concerts!

And anyone who has seen them live (for example on the Support tour with the Backyard Babies or The Dickies), knows that we dont talk bull****… The CD has incredible artwork, that is free from typical genre clichees like Flames and Eightballs. So there is just one phrase to say: Lets f***ing Rock!


One of the weakest songs on the record, they’ve chosen the -probably- worst song for a video clip!!!!!!!

Well produced Glam Pop Punk with a touch of Garage. L7 meets The Donnas meets The Muffs meets Turbonegro meets The Bangles. The Heroines They describe themselves as heartbreaking girl-powered glam punk rock’n’roll. Galactica (guitar), Elektra (vox), El Filipe (drums) and Chris Missile (bass) raised The Heroines from the very beginning in 1999.

Track Duration
1 Welcome to the Band 2:29
2 Heartbreaker 3:26
3 Rock ‘n’ Roll Boy 2:14
4 Backstage 2:52
5 Dogs 2:25
6 Groupie 3:40
7 Never Fall in Love Again 3:09
8 A Million Kind of Boys 3:17
9 More 3:32
10 Cigarettes 2:50
11 Hes My Whore 2:40
12 What I Want 2:23
13 You’re a Bore 4:28
Running length
13 tracks
Running time

100% Girl-Powered Rock’n’Roll to save the world in style! Great mixture between L7, THE DONNAS, TURBONEGRO a little MOTÖRHEAD! ” Wild Girl and 2 hot Boys are giving you the ultimate Kick on their Debut CD. Glam-Punk’N’Roll Songs at his best! 13 Songs! Get this new Drug!

In German: 100% Girl-Powered Rock’n’Roll to save the world in style! Tolle Mischung aus L7, THE DONNAS, TURBONEGRO und einem Schuss MOTÖRHEAD bieten uns die 2 wilden Girls und 2 Boys auf Ihrem genialen Debut! 13 Glam-Punk’N’Roll Songs vom allerfeinsten! Get this new Drug!