The CRAMPS: Look mom no head! CD. 1991 dirty Garage Rock ‘N’ Roll. Iggy Pop guesting. Check audio, whole album


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Track listing:
1 Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots 4:36
2 Two Headed Sex Change 2:52
3 Blow Up Your Mind 4:29
4 Hardworkin’ Man 4:02 Written-By – J. Nitzsche*, P. Schrader*, R. Cooder*
5 Miniskirt Blues 2:39  Vocals – Iggy Pop  Written-By – Belden*, Starr*, Stokes*
6 Alligator Stomp 4:04
7 I Wanna Get In Your Pants 4:19
8 Bend Over, I’ll Drive 4:05
9 Don’t Get Funny With Me 3:23
10 Eyeball In My Martini 3:20
11 Hipsville 29 B.C.  2:31  Written-By – D Turnbow*
12 When I Get The Blues (The Strangeness In Me) 3:15   Written-By – Ellis Mize
The Cramps:
Lux Interior (vocals);
Poison Ivy (guitar);
Slim Chance (bass);
Jim Sclavunos (drums).
Additional personnel: Iggy Pop (vocals).
Recorded at Ocean Way, Hollywood, California between June 21 & July 14, 1991.

For the Cramps’ fifth studio album, the band had a new bass player, named Slim Chance, and a new drummer on board. Lyrically, LOOK MOM NO HEAD! returns to the B-movie horror subjects that concerned the band at the start of its career, subjects like the one that inspired “Two Headed Sex Change” and the rampaging reptile in “Alligator Stomp.” And musically, Poison Ivy’s dexterous guitar is as agile as ever–see “Hardworkin’ Man” and “Hipsville 29 B.C.” for examples. The record opens with the crunching “Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots,” which contains a reference to Elvis, though unlike most of the Cramps’ Elvis references, this one is about Elvis Costello, specifically the song “Pump It Up.” Iggy Pop makes a guest appearance, dueting with Lux Interior on a cover of “Miniskirt Blues.” “I Wanna Get in Your Pants” sounds like their version of “Louie Louie” and works a little cross-dressing into Interiors usual, amusingly crass, seduction lyrics, which are at their most crass and least amusing a mere one song later on “Bend Over, I’ll Drive.” “Eyeball in My Martini,” with its fuzzed-out bass guitar, is a punchy rocker that delivers horror movie lyrics about a plague of–you guessed it–eyeballs.
Out of print in the U.S.! The fiendishly fun Cramps have been creating their own style of dirty Garage Rock ‘N’ Roll for 30 years and they show no sign of letting up. They certainly cram plenty of meat onto each of their silver platters.
Look Mom, No Head!, released in 1991, is no exception. Its raw and its dirty! It growls and snarls! It kicks and screams! Yes, its The Cramps doing what they do best. If you’re looking for a ghoulishly good time, look no further! 12 tracks including ‘Dames, Booze, Chains & Boots’, ‘Alligator Stomp’ and ‘Two Headed Sex Change’. Big Beat.
5.0 out of 5 stars Best of the Bunch,
I’m telling you the Cramps give you a kick in the pants with this album. They don’t only kick you they murder you with a machete! This album is everything great about rock n’ roll raw, raunchy, hard, fast and wet, kind of like sex. They mix all the alchemical musical elements in: Rockabilly, Surf, Garage punk, nose pin punk and a heavy dose of hard rock. Bam! The thing in the lab explodes killing everybody in sight! There is not one bad song in this album from start to finish. Of course they use stuff of different songs in the past like making a collage out of your favorite comics and magazines. For instance they use the back drop of a great surf instrumental called “Margaya” by the Fender Four for a insane Lux ramble about the joys of being a hedonist on the song “Wilder Wilder Faster Faster”, they redo the awesome blue collar ode song originally by Captain Beefheart “Hardworking Man” its a low down bluesy song they do to devastating effect, another is “Miniskirt Blues” a rockin’ garage 60s sleazoid musical bit by The Flower Chldren they do it Cramps style with a harder rocking beat and its a duet with who else but the king of Garage rock himself Iggy Pop! Iggy and Lux sound like demonic twin brothers. They also do “Hipsville 29 BC” a song by the Sparkles it is a insane moaning 60s snot punk anthem that the Cramps own and make their own before the song ends. Then there is the great “Strangeness in Me” by the unknown Rockabilly group the Runabouts. The original is errie and it seems like something a serial killer would sing to his victim before decapitating the person. The Cramps don’t mess with this song they keep it the way it was recorded, Lux even sounds like the messed up hillbilly singing the original.
There is a lot of their own originals and they are all damn good! “Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots” starts off the album with a rip snorting bonfire. This track just kicks. Then it goes onward. “I Wanna Get in your Pants” is great. The song sounds as if its a sap 50’s love song sang by Lux, double entendres in this song make it sound like Lux wants to indulge his inner transvestite and put on his girlfriends pants and clothes. Yet it sounds like he literally wants in her pants! Only the Cramps could pull that one off. My personal favorite is “Eyeball in a Martini” the song being about a guy who sees eyeballs all over the place. Ivy plays a cool little surf riff in this song the best line being “Went to Lovers Lane to scan for UFOs /You Just imagine what I saw when I pulled down her pantyhose.”
This is my favorite Cramps album and that’s saying a lot. They put out consistently good stuff all the time. For my money this is the best. Its a damn shame that their stuff now seems to be out of print. Shouldn’t happen to a band of this influence and caliber. It seems in these times that all the good bands get shafted. So if you see this at all buy it you won’t be disappointed.
5.0 out of 5 stars Dames booze chains and boots,
This is by far one of the cramps best albums it is and instant classic from beginning to end. Lux Interior is my hero. Long live.
5.0 out of 5 stars The 2nd best Cramps cd ever,
This cd has the long forgotten cramps track “eyeball in my martini” which if you never heard it sounds like Sinatras zombie at the copa. This cd is a must have for any psychobilly fan
5.0 out of 5 stars Mom! You’re not looking!,
This album starts out driving with white-trash weirdness, and never stops mixing punk, psychobilly, and the blues to make it something you’d expect to hear in the local double-wide trailer park bar on the beach. The album starts out with ‘Dames, Booze, Chains, and Boots’, a great riff that includes in it everything a red blooded American Bud Light drinker and Packers fan could want. They keep on blowing up your mind with increasingly bizarre, humourous lyrics. ‘Hardworking Man’ is a venture into the blues ala ‘The Ballad of John Henry’ mixed with ‘Porkys’. ‘Miniskirt Blues’ includes the vocal stylings of Iggy Pop, and there was never a better team up than between him and Lux Interior since Chevy started including T.V. dinners with their Vegas! ‘Bend Over I’ll Drive’ visits the American tragedy of the mixture of sex and high speed car chases. ‘Eyeball In My Martini’ is followed up by the sobering song strangeness In Me’, all this, plus ‘Wilder Wilder Faster Faster’ (which could be a title for this album). This album doesn’t slow down until you stop pedaling!

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