T (Thomas Thielen): Voices CD 2006. Symphonic art rock / Progressive Rock. Former Scythe guitarist. Check audio (whole album)


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Progressive Rock.
Record label: Galileo Records.
Debut album from the band called T. 11 tracks of symphonic art rock that should appeal to friends of Peter Gabriel, Genesis And Marillion.

Studio Album, released in 2006

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Voices (6:03)
2. August in Me (4:49)
3. Party Piece (5:34)
4. Still (7:02)
5. Septic (6:24)
6. Faith (6:08)
7. Second Thoughts (6:20)
8. After (4:52)
9. Curtain Call (8:12)
10. Forget Me Now (9:02)
11. Ghosts (8:28)

Total Time: 72:59


4 stars T is a sole artist who’s actually tough-to-pigeon-hole. Sure, there are reasons to categorize him under neo-prog and it’s mentioned he sounds like Gazpacho or Marillion but somehow I can’t shake off the feeling he also sounds a lot like Dredg and then I’m talking about their El Cielo release. I believe this man’s music comes closer to those American modern proggers than to neoprog.
I have to admit I had to get used to this album for some time but also that was because of the expectations. So I had to make some sort of switch in the mind to be able to give a fair judgement (and there we see another example of the importance and significance of our sub genres). Because this is actually a very interesting album, at least very original.

And also quite beautiful at times like in the second song, August in Me, with some lovely piano play. Followed by some great guitar in Party Piece, a song totally different from the first two tracks. Just the opener was slightly off putting to me because of the ugly vocals in the very beginning. But Thomas Thielen isn’t really a poor vocalist at all just one with a special style, the part in the first song was a bit too much in the sense of peculiarity. And another thing that has to be said is that Thomas Thielen is not only a multi instrumentalist but also a very skilled one. What to say about his performance in the 5th track for instance where he plays acoustic guitar in a tremendous way. This is by far the best track by the way though the rest is very worth while as well (10th track !).

So in conclusion I would say: if you are looking for straightforward neo-prog you can leave this one in the store but if you want prog in an original and more special way you should certainly give this one by T a try. Initially I wanted to give this 3 stars but it’s still growing on me I notice and I think I will regret that move. I do believe this whole effort deserves four stars.


4 stars For ‘T’ read Thomas Thielen, and he is the former Scythe guitarist who released his debut solo album “”Naive”” back in 2001. He has now returned with his second, where he plays all of the instruments himself as well as all of the vocals. This doesn’t sound like a solo album, but much more like a group work, and one soon quickly moves away from the feel that this is the work of just one man to confronting the bleakness and darkness of this album. He is bringing in musical themes and influences such as modern Marillion, IQ, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and Geoff Mann but this is a really depressing album, honest it is. That isn’t to say that there is no levity within it but this is certainly not something to play when you feel that the world is about to end.
The photos on the front and rear of the booklet add to the feeling that here is a Roger Waters look at life, tempered by Tom Watts (although the vocals are much better), and that T has been to a dark place and now he wants us to visit with him. As to whether I have enjoyed listening to this then that is a really hard thing to say. I am glad that I have heard it, and there are times when I feel that it will be just the tight thing to listen to, but for general listening pleasure then I normally move to something a little more light hearted. This isn’t one for those who enjoy their prog at the lighter end of the scale, but if you want to investigate someone looking at the more bleak side of life then this is very well constructed and performed.

T (Thomas Thielen) – Curtain Call Voices 2006

T – Forget Me Now

T – Ghosts

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