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5.0 out of 5 stars Review of “Get Ready”
Christian AOR masterpiece. Their debut was a fine album, kind of a cross between Survivor and Petra, but “Get Ready” is even better. Melodic AOR with all the features any purest will look for – great, guitar-driven songs, soaring vocals, excellent guitar work (from Glenn Pearce) and tight production. In my opinion this is an even better album than the Brother Brother release, which itself was probably THE top Christian AOR release of the last few years.

Category: CCM Hard Rock
Year: 1995
Label: Giant Records
Catalog Number: 84418-4241-2

Jeff Gunn lead and backing vocals
Doug Beidon keyboards, backing vocals
Paul Liffengren keyboards
J.R. McNeely bass, guitars
Danny Woods drums
Caleb Quaye guitars
David Heydon guitars
Glenn Pearce guitars

Recorded at Pakaderm Studios.

1. Get Ready 4:20
2. He 4:11
3. Standing For You 4:36
4. Voices 4:11
5. Foevermore 4:35
6. Axe to My Tree 3:01
7. The Rock 3:44
8. One Person or Two 4:24
9. Man in the Middle-Remember Me 6:58
10. The Dream 4:27

Total Running Time: 44:27

Good band, but tremendously cheesy cover art. It hides a pretty good rock record. This is not metal or hard rock. It is pop rock like Journey. There are some really good tracks here like Get Ready, Forevermore, Man in the Middle. The lyrics here are excellent. The message is not too hidden, but its not formulaic like Petra or Whitecross either. All in all, a good rock record with some good lead guitar solos and good singing.
I Love this album! Great driving rock sound! If you like bands like Stryper, Leviticus, & Petra; I think you’ll like these guys as well.
This CD Is Excellent ,
Sure Conviction is a great cd. I still pop this in the cd player and listen to it. The singer reminds me of (Brian Howe)of Bad Company and the musicianship & production are excellent. One of the best artists on Giant Records. Also, if you like this cd or great AOR cds check out the Brother Brother CD on Giant Records it will blow you away as well. By the way, Giant Records is owned by the Huff Brothers of David & The Giants.
Great album, great band. Every song is good but personally the highlights are Standing for You, Voices and Remember Me.
this sounds great , well made … nice aor .
It is my sure conviction that this band is crucial for the Christian melodic hard rock fan, especially those who enjoy the over-the-top sound of arena-rock with its huge hooks, big choruses, and stacked backing vocals. This is one of those albums that often gets overlooked by the very crowd which it should appeal to. This CD deserves a place right next to Nouveux, Vu, Def Leppard, and bands of that nature. Just an all-around excellent album.
This is an Excellent Rock Album to listen too. If it wasn’t for the lack of getting enough media attention, This Band could make alot of noise, nationally as well as globally. These guys are that good. They avoid the Metal & Thrash sound, but still they are hard & driven in their music quality. They sound very similar to Def Leppard in Music sound, and Stryper & Scorpions in Vocals. A very Underrated and Overlooked Album.
All of SCs Albums seem to carry a lot of 80s feel to them, but you be the judge. Great Band worth listening to!
For the title track alone, Sure Convictions ‘Get Ready’ deserves a place in any reasonably comprehensive Christian rock collection. Its as good as many of the Elefante productions
This CD reminds me a lot like Boston’s Third Stage(1986)album, not too heavy, but equally balanced in drive & beat. Few bands are very catchy and interestin’ in sounds and melodies like Sure Conviction, and this one its one of my favourite CD in absolute.
What can I say about this one? IMO is among the top 10 Christian cds in the world. Songs like Get ready, Voices, Axe to my tree, One person or two or Remember me, are simply amazing, and they have a very personal way of playin. Its 11/10 this cd for me!
Amazing melodic arena rock, big choruses everywhere and great songs. I think TOWER CITY – A LITTLE BIT … is a good reference. The singer has an awesome voice. FOREVERMORE and MAN IN THE MIDDLE/REMEMBER ME are the songs I like more, but all of them are great.
Andrea is so right here. Fantastic album. A classic for me in all honesty. 9,5/10
Clearly the most uptempo and polished commercial hard rock album in their discography….Brilliant in all aspects IMHO, but especially noteworthy is the production- Koogles is spot on, this is on par with other Elefante projects.
Very good album…CCM band with a vocalist that reminded me in certain songs of Michael Sweet(Stryper fame)…musically talking the band delivers great Hard Rocking cuts such as “Get Ready”,”He”,”Voices”(my personal fave)& “Man In The Middle-Remember Me” plus a beauty of a ballad called “One Person Or Two”…yep! recommended.

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