SUPERNOT: Phlegmatic Sun CD. Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Metallica. Best The Doors cover EVER signed, autographed


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SUPERNOT compose well thought out music that has all the right hooks, arrangements, energy, power and feel and combine elements from Black Sabbath, latter day Metallica, Alice in Chains and Kyuss. Thanks to their strong artistic vision they manage to create their own brand of music. Additionally their songs contain some esoteric, sometimes abstract and quite deep lyrics that deal with many different topics.
Perfectionists that they are, SUPERNOT have insisted that they record and mix their album in the Phase One studios in Toronto. Harry Hess, the lead singer /composer / producer of the very successfully (not necessarily musically, but definitely commercially) Harem Scarem was the producer of their album, which has received excellent Reviews. These reviews focus mainly on the quality of the actual music, the song writing, the passion of the band and the fact that the songs are so varied and interesting). This album also includes the BEST EVER cover version of The Doors classic “”Break On Through””!! Many of our customers have said that this album was worth buying for this cover version along. However the vast majority said that they also thought that the SUPERNOT songs where all great and equally good!
Music reviewers and radio stations around the world seem to be very receptive to the SUPERNOT music. Now its your time to check this band out before the album gets sold out.

1 Acid Machine 3:20
2 Phlegmatic Sun 4:33
3 Cyanide & Concrete 4:04
4 Sorrows Eve 5:04
5 The Lesser Of Two Evils 3:24
6 Tables Turn 3:07
7 Needle In The I 4:14
8 And Now I Want 2:42
9 Hate 6:35
10 Phlegmatic Sun (Full Version) 6:36
11 Break On Through 3:07 (AMAZING cover! Original by The Doors)

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