SOLACE – SOLARIZED: Jersey Devils (Split CD, two US band) + James Gang cover. A la Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath. Check audio


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Solarized / Solace – Jersey Devils
Label: Meteor City – FMC 001, Freebird Records – FMC 001
Format: split CD
Country: US
Released: 1998
Genre: Stoner Rock

Label Meteor City
Media: Mint (M)
Sleeve: Mint (M)


Solarized is a stoner rock band from New Jersey.
Solarized: Eight Ways To Sunday EP
1 Slide
2 Drifter
3 Crucible
4 Sugar Bag

Solace is a heavy metal band hailing from the Jersey Shore, United States
Solace: Distanced From Reality EP
5 Heavy Birth / 2-Fisted
6 Dirt
7 Try
8 Funk #49 (Live In Tokyo ’98) [(James Gang Cover)]
Note: A double EP release of Solarized’ “”Eight Ways to Sunday EP”” and Solace “”Distanced from Reality EP”” off a Freebird and MeteorCity collaboration


“”Solarized is spine-era Monster Magnet–SWEET. Solace is just too heavy for words!””

This CD is a must-have for the stoner rock fan. If you haven’t gotten it yet, I implore you to do so. Get in on the ground floor of these two up and coming bands.”

Solarized: Eight Ways To Sunday I wasn’t really sure what to make of Solarized at first. I’d heard they sounded like Monster Magnet, but I always try to listen without any sort of preconception. The first of their songs didn’t really thrill me too much. But when the second one kicked in, I started to understand what these guys are all about. I could understand how people might think they sound like Monster Magnet, but to the trained ear, the influence is only minor. In fact, I hear more Skynyrd here than anything else (and that definitely a good thing!) I also heard complaints about the production. The guitars do strike me as being a little muddy in some places, but overall, stuff like this benefits more from the bottom-heaviness than from anything else. Jim Hogan seems to have carved out a distinct vocal niche for himself, and rarely strays from it… because it works. Southern-tinged, molasses-heavy boogie groove. A winner. That my final thought on the first half of this disc.

Solace: Distanced From Reality Heavy rock with psychedelic influences and intricate song structures? Groovy metal with stellar guitar work and a hint of hardcore influences? You just NEED to hear it. It the kind of music that appeals to fans of many different sub-genres. Superb production in every aspect. Vocals are a bit limited in range but brimming with emotion and depth. Plenty of dynamics to keep you from getting bored. These guys are surely destined for greatness. You can really hear Tommy years of experience behind the songwriting. Very mature, yet still fresh and invigorating. I DARE you to sit still just after the 2-minute mark of “Dirt” (song #6 on the CD). I just hope the other stuff from the demo tape makes it to CD, and soon! Hats off to Meteor City and Freebird for getting the ball rolling.

Conclusion: While listening to this disc I really felt like I was sneaking a peak at something big on the horizon. You absolutely can’t go wrong with something this good.

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