SMOKE BLOW: Smoke’s A-Blowin’ Black As Coal CD 1999 original rare. German Doom, Stoner rock. Check audio


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Smoke Blow: Smokes A-Blowin’ Black As Coal
Label: Loudsprecher LSD 023
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 22 February 1999
Genre: Stoner Rock
1 Nexus Starride 3:43
2 Satans Highway 4:54
3 Monstertruck 1:37
4 Vex Me No More 4:17
5 Girls, Bombs and Booze 4:09
6 Electric Mud 3:03
7 1-0-3-5 Speedy Superphase 6:30
8 Phantom 308 3:45
9 Microphoneheads and Psychotic Flys 5:30
10 Ride 3:17
11 Oak (Solar Breeze) 5:38
Total length: 46:25  –  RUNNING TIME 46:25

Band from Kiel, Germany founded in 1997 under the name ‘Smoke’. In 1999 the band released their third album ‘Smoke’s A-Blowin’ Black As Coal’ under the name ‘Smoke Blow’.

Good fusion of stoner and punk rock.

Punky german stoner. Delicious stuff.

dirty stoner metal with punky roots from Germany´s coolest band

somewhere in the misty no-man’s-land , where sick Doom, noisy Stoner punk rock and psychedelic noise are at home, used to be Monster Magnet, which Smoke’s A-Blowin … reminds more than once. The last song, “Oak (Solar Breeze)”, sums up what many Monster Magnet fans have been missing for years, even though the band writes great songs and rocks like hell: the unrestrained romp in spacey psychedelic orgies. “Satan’s Highway” could also come from Nebula (see beauties), bands like EyeHateGod, Green Machine and Acrimony

A multi-headed beast of a hard rock band from Kiel, Germany, Smoke Blow drew inspiration from such acts as the Rolling Stones, Saint Vitus, The Cure, Black Flag.
The band — Jack Letten — vocals, MC Straßenköter — vocals, Kentucky — guitar, Gerrard the J.R. — guitar, Greif Hellhammer — bass, and Fabrizio — drums — released their first slab of material in 1999 entitled Smokes A-Blowin’ Black As Coal.

AC / DC may be the driving drum sound, Robert Smith writes the most beautiful melodies, the Melvins make the most demanding noise, and Saint Vitus are definitely “the heaviest band on planet earth.” Black Flag then complete the sound mix with their hardcore off-setting.
It goes with the small label Loudsprecher from Hanover – “home of the raw power rock’n’roll action” – a meaningful as fruitful symbiosis. The first product is the 1999s low-budget debut “Smokes A-Blowin ‘Black As Coal”. A blown 16-track tape machine, flea market instruments and a few crates of beer must suffice: “The console we have borrowed from so ‘precious old hippie from the City Park So the record is created, plugging in pure that is, without a mark – sounds. yes you also get a little bit is nice müllig “.
That manage the songs on the album is still, thanks to the Kiel producer Ulf Nagel. “Our friend who also has a studio and the song was cool, will become free for us again and mixed with a few modern appliances or what out of there.” And these songs have it all. You feel as if they come under a musical juggernaut. A wall of spacey guitar-Psychadelic Mucke and punk rock leaves little room to breathe. Over all, the Jacks killer drones body of his poor soul to the devil ordained only pukes out Sun.
Smoke Blowes strengths come into play even more live. Since the parts are simply wabberigen Space beaten into the ground and yelled. Moreover, they contend their idol after GG Allin quite successfully. End of 1999, a select audience his views of Latvians & Co. throw, because apart Blow Smoke on The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Tour and concert halls nationwide.
Quickly followed by the second disc “777 Bloodrock”, which turns out much harder and faster than the debut “. Actually, we’re ‘ne punk rock band”
In May 2001, she pushed her third album Punkadelic – The Godfather Of Soul behind. And her fandom is rewarded – in the spring of 2001 they will honor the Melvins’ support acts in part.


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