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Steamroller Assault – Steamroller
(Self financed)
Release date: 2002
Label: Self-released/independent
1. Steamroller 05:24
2. Alcohol, Pussy and Rock ‘n’ Roll 04:32
3. Burnt at the Stake 05:47
4. Futures Uncertain 03:28
5. Lifes Like a Woman (Bitch to the Bone) 03:40
6. Born for Destruction 04:46
7. Devils Women 02:22

This is a fun demo. Some crazy dudes (Ave Gardelis, Witchkiller and Stormtrooper) have gathered to play pure fucking heavy metal, loud as fuck. Imagine MOTORHEAD, VENOM and BULLDOZER and you can start partying right away. Mangled vocals by the illegitimate son of the Lemmy with Samantha Fox, a right bastard for all I know, are topped by spiky guitars that play along a basic rhythm section. If this band would move next to your home shit would come out of the carper and they start hitting the fan. That’s how dirty they are. The lyrics are quite refreshing. A philosophical and pseudo-intellectual comment about society’s wrongs expressed through songs such as Alcohol, pussy and rock n roll and life’s like a woman (bitch to the bone). Great stuff don’t you agree ?! The production could have been slightly louder and more cohesive, but being raw is not a con in a release such as this. Its a fucking extra mega plus. Keep the bands name in you memory because they are destined for greatness. They got the dirty, big balls to play something loud and unfashionable. And they do it well. A two finger salute to the fringing dying, mainstream gay metal scene. BANG YOUR FUCKIN HEADS HEAVY METAL MOTHERFUCKERS ! Btw, the packaging and cover are trashy/classy and professional looking.

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