SCALA MERCALLI: 12th Level CDr PROMO ONLY. Power metal, some thrash / epic metal. Check videos


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Power metal with a dash of thrash / epic metal here and there. Boosted by a good production their rough power metal is rather cool sounding .
In a world of several hundred shitty power metal bands, Scala Mercalli can rest easy in the knowledge that they most definitely are not one of them.

Scala Mercalli 121th level
Label: none – PROMO
Format: CDR, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 2005
Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Metal
1. Scream of Revenge 04:28
2. My Daemons 04:41
3. Banshee’s Whisper 05:58
4. Dissolved in Time 05:07
5. Bloody Night 05:17
6. Day of Fighter 04:48
7. Queen of Dragons 04:35
8. The New Kingdom 07:11
9. The Sign 07:29
10. 12th Level 07:58

The debut full-length album by the Italian Heavy/Power Metal band.
The Mercalli scale is a scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake.
Wandering the Metal underground since 1992, it is only November 2005 when Scala Mercalli releases its debut full-length. Scala Mercalli walk in the fields of a genre quite popular in the Mediterranean countries – Power Metal with a dash of Thrash/Epic Metal here and there and their music is pretty good. This five-piece is keen to set out their stall as a Traditional Heavy metal band. And the end result is boosted by a good production.

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