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Inside Out Music PROMO CD 2006.
01. That’s as far as I’ll go
02. Back to the shadows
03. I’m ok
04. Time to play
05. My friend
06. Trust
07. It’s your life
08. Footsteps in the hall
09. Ice in the rain
10. You were right
11. On the other side
Duration     49:20
Inside Out PROMO CD 2006.

5.0 out of 5 stars Trust this one,
The Canadian band has done it again. This got to be the best effort since ‘Worlds Apart’. The album kicks off with “”That’s as Far as I Go”” with heavy synth lead . “”Footsteps “” is a flashback of the ‘Silent Knight’ album, awesome track. “”Ice in the Rain “” classic Saga keyboard/synth. ‘You Were Right’ Ian guitar riff is fantastic, great catchy tune.
This is the first Saga album i truly love from start to end in more than fifteen years. ‘Trust’ has that old sound that Saga is famous for. This is one of the best progressive rock albums of 2006.
5.0 out of 5 stars TRUST NEOPROG RAN,
This is an incredible new CD from SAGA. I found myself listening to this over and over again on a long road trip. Great instrumentals throughout the CD and the prog tinged rock keeps the listener’s interest. These guys continue to impress and have not run out of gas. Highly recommended for the music. The bonus DVD is worthless and almost led me to dock a star- “”The Making of Trust”” is short and gives little insight into this terrific music.
5.0 out of 5 stars 30 Years and Still Going Strong,
Too often die hard fans of long-standing rock groups will give everything they do 5 Stars, saying “”it’s the greatest thing ever””. Well, I’ve been a loyal fan of Saga since the very beginning, but my expectations are much higher than that. In their later years, Saga’s releases have ranged from amazing (“”Security of Illusion””, “”Full Circle””) to mediocre (“”Marathon””, “”House of Cards””) to downright confusing (“”Steel Umbrellas””, “”Pleasure and the Pain””). A couple of years ago, they released “”Network””, which offered a glimpse of the potential this amazing band still had.
Now hear this: “”Trust”” is outstanding. I’ve been listening to this CD constantly since I purchased it, and I am overwhelmed by how good it is. This just might be the best thing they’ve done since their “”heyday”” – it’s that good. Pretty incredible considering how long the boys have been at it.
The CD is solid from start to finish, but “”Back To The Shadows””, “”I’m OK”” and “”On The Other Side”” are standouts. Check it out – you will not be disappointed.
5.0 out of 5 stars Impressive, very impressive!,
Wow! The undisputed masters of 80’s pop-prog are back in top form. (Please don’t mistake this for Neo-Prog – neo-proggers cannot handle complex song structures, lack virtuosity and hide behind a 4/4 meter) This music is like a window into a forgotten world – the imagined worlds of Jules Verne, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, H. G. Wells, Fritz Lang. It is an echo of the Saga’s best years, which, luckily for those who did not forget the glory days of the music that we call Progressive Rock, brings back all that was great about this Canadian band. The urgency, the focus, the vague feeling that something is wrong, that the world out of control, the bitter-sweet poetry – it’s all back! It’s as if they have come out of a 20-year deep freeze and picked up where “”Heads Or Tales”” left off in 1983. Perhaps the guys got tired of looking for new audiences and decided to do the “”right thing”” and come back to a sound that would be sure to please the core fans, of which there are plenty.
The massive keyboard, crunchy guitar sound (emphasized by production) and super-crisp vocals are a trademark of this record. Although the songs vary in quality they are overall very good, loaded with nice little prog surprises. As on every Saga album, some songs stand out, in this case the highlights being the awesome “”That’s As far As I Go””, “”Back To The Shadows””, the stunning “”Trust””, “”It’s Your Life””, the chop-o-matic “”Footsteps In The Hall””, the surprisingly Rush-like rocker “”You Were Right”” and the beautiful pop-prog song “”On The Other Side””. The booklet graphics are quite intriguing.
If you are a fan of early Saga, and like 80’s pop-prog rock in general (which would include early 80’s Genesis, Yes and Rush), you are not likely to be disappointed with this excellent album. I can only add a wish that Genesis, Yes and Rush would follow Saga’s example and return to making quality music once again…
5.0 out of 5 stars Saga – another masterpiece !,
Well here we go again fellow Saga fans a new release from the masters of Canadian prog.
Another inspired offering from my fellow countrymen who have been heart-fully adopted by Germany.This album could easily be called “”Covering all the Bases “” ,which they do very deftly ,unabashedly bringing into play the older Saga bag of tricks & still sounding fresh.It’s truly amazing that a band can combine hard rock/prog & pop & do it so effortlessly while changing tempos so easily without interrupting the flow of the song & on the bigger picture -the album.This has been a Saga hallmark since album # 1.
Album starts off with “”That’s as Far as I Go”” ,a sonically heavy driving syth lead w/lots of twists & turns.Next track “”Back to the Shadows”” ,finds the guys mining a straight ahead rocker reminiscent of newer albums such as Full Circle & House of Cards.Track 3 “”I’m OK”” may be the feel good track of the album catchy as heck ,would be a single surely if this were the early / mid 80’s.””Time to Play”” ,finds the funk groove ,perhaps inspired by Michael Sadler’s hero & main inspiration Freddie Mercury.Jim Gilmour takes the mike(although he is all over this release with harmony / supporting vocals), for one of his signature & touching ballads wth “”My Friend””.The title track “”Trust”” is shouted universally by the band come chorus time for a fist in the air vibe.””It’s Yor Life”” , a nice mid tempo rocker with some nice keybord touches.This next track “”Footsteps “”, sounds like a hybrid between Silent Knight & Worlds Apart- chills on this one ! “”Ice in the Rain “” ,may be my personal fave on the album,a basic guitar riff w/beautiful keyboard flourishes over the top ,but that could change daily as the complex layers of this album reveal themselves(like a great prog album should !).Last but not least finds Saga doing a little bit of Celtic music for the intro w/Michael Sadler going into newer vocal territory w/ a nice warm chorus.It’s all over too fast ! One must respect the fact that Saga can return to their roots unabashedly ,while maintaining a modern sound ,not easy to pull off I’m sure ! Without a reservation I give this album 5 stars – Canada’s best kept secret
5.0 out of 5 stars They just keep getting better and better, TRUST me,
I have every single one of their CD’s, and this CD sums up all their music knowledge they have obtain over 25 plus year history, although Steve Negus is missing, I believe Brian Doerner does a pretty good job. But Michael Sadler just keeps getting better over time and the Crichton/Gilmour combinations just remind me of how great this group is ands how much they have influenced me over the last 25 years, yes I have been a fan from the start and 80% of the music I hear is prog rock thanks to them, not Yes, not ELP, not Genesis but them, they are the ones that introduced me to this music and I am still hooked to it.
If you have never heard them, this and Worlds Apart are a great place to start, if you are already a fan, you should own this already
5.0 out of 5 stars SAGA’s Greatest Hits?,
This decade is really turning out to be a real revival to music in general. I bought this CD three days ago and have not taken it out since. I swear, every time I listen to “”Trust””, I hear something new & fantastic. Like some kind of beautiful prog flower – this thing just keeps unfolding and thrilling. The production is some of the best I’ve ever heard. Not 1 bad song. And to top it off my wife likes it – and she pretty much hates everything prog (except Porcupine Tree). I’ve always liked SAGA but this definitely has pushed them way up my music ladder. Ian has always been a great, great guitarist – the perfect mix of feel and technique, on this album he really shines. The rest of the band (Michael Sadler in particular) sound equally awe inspiring. As a matter of fact “”Trust”” sounds like a greatest hits album. Just buy it, you will not be disappointed, and I’m sure the boys could us the money. God Bless Canada!
5.0 out of 5 stars reminds me of Gentle Giant and Styx, Great Prog rock album,
I love Saga’s new album. It has some Gentle Giant influence mixed with classic Saga. All the songs are excellent, the new band member (drums) is A+. If you like good progressive rock with a twist of 80’s melodic rock get this album today.
5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Saga.,
“”It’s Your Life””, “”Footsteps In The Hall””, “”Ice In The Rain”” are reminiscent of earlier works on World’s Apart and Behaviour, which is to say, great. “”You Were Right”” combines a catchy melody with the unmistakeable Saga guitar riffs.
A spirited and positive album.
5.0 out of 5 stars Trust! Great CD for Saga fans!,
Well recorded! This CD is for the well-seasoned Saga fan as a refresher. 10,000 Days and Trust are excellent CD’s for the Saga fan that’s been with them for 30 years that might have experienced disappointment in past CD’s. We’re always expecting a Worlds Apart, A Behavior, or A House of Cards. But this is a good one for us! It’s worth the buy. Share with newbies to Saga, they may like it.
20/20 and Human Condition CD’s need to be heard too. Those 2 are outstanding. Human Condition has an interim lead singer and he is great! They sound like a great new band on Human Condition.
Trust me. Trust is worth your purchase!”

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