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Official Live: 101 Proof = Live album by Pantera
Released: July 29, 1997
Recorded: 19961997
Genre: Heavy metal, groove metal
Length: 76:23
Label: East West
Producer: Vinnie Paul

Official Live: 101 Proof is a live album released by Pantera on July 29, 1997.

The first fourteen tracks are live recordings of songs from previously released studio albums (starting with Cowboys from Hell); the last two songs (“Where You Come From” and “I Can’t Hide”) are new studio recordings.

Vinnie Paul:
“We recorded the new material during a break in our tour. We recorded them in 12 days. It was a great feeling to get back in the studio again. Especially when we knew the songs were going to go on an album that is so important for us and our fans.”
The track “Dom/Hollow” is an amalgamation of parts of “Domination” (originally from Cowboys From Hell) and “Hollow” (originally from Vulgar Display of Power). The band played “Domination” leading into “Hollow” virtually every time they played either song live.
The track “Hostile” is simply a live version of “Fucking Hostile” (from Vulgar Display) with a shortened title.
During the song “Becoming”, the band would end the song with the outro of “Throes of Rejection”, from their album Far Beyond Driven. Likewise, the band ended “I’m Broken” with the outro of “By Demons Be Driven” from the album Vulgar Display of Power.

Vinnie Paul commented on the album:
“We felt like after 7 years of playing live, that we wanted to put out a record with all our best tunes. Songs that have our own TLC instead of all that foolishness that happens when a band puts out a greatest hits album or some overdubbed live album.”

Cover art:
The album cover is meant to look like a whiskey bottle label with “101 Proof” referring to alcohol content and “No 5” referring to the brand (Like Jack Daniels Old No 7 brand) and the fact that the band considered this is their fifth “official” release (starting with Cowboys from Hell and not counting their four earlier independent albums).

Official Live: 101 Proof reached #15 on the Billboard Top 200 charts with the album receiving solid reviews.

Track listing:
All songs written and composed by Pantera.
No. Title Length
1. “A New Level” 4:24
2. “Walk” 5:50
3. “Becoming” 3:59
4. “5 Minutes Alone” 5:36
5. “(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin” 4:29
6. “Suicide Note, Pt. 2” 4:20
7. “War Nerve” 5:21
8. “Strength Beyond Strength” 3:37
9. “Dom/Hollow” 3:43
10. “This Love” 6:57
11. “I’m Broken” 4:27
12. “Cowboys from Hell” 4:35
13. “Cemetery Gates” 7:53
14. “Fucking Hostile” (listed on album as “Hostile”) 3:56
15. “Where You Come From” 5:11 —> new studio track
16. “I Can’t Hide” 2:16 —> new studio track

Phil Anselmo vocals
Dimebag Darrell guitar
Rex Brown bass guitar
Vinnie Paul drums

Chart positions – Chart (1996)- Peak position
Australian Albums Chart 19
Austrian Albums Chart 46
Dutch Albums Chart 59
Finnish Albums Chart 16
French Albums Chart 24
German Albums Chart 84
New Zealand Albums Chart 19
Norwegian Albums Chart 36
Swedish Albums Chart 32
UK Album Chart 57
The Billboard 200 15

OFFICIAL LIVE: 101 PROOF contains live versions of Pantera hits as well as two new studio tracks.

Pantera: Philip Anselmo (vocals); Dimebag Darrell (guitar); Rex Brown (bass); Vinnie Paul (drums). Engineers: Aaron “Wires” Barnes, Vinnie Paul.
“Cemetery Gates” was nominated for a 1998 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. After seven long years of almost non-stop touring, Pantera personally chose these 16 songs as the creme de la creme, the definitive live Pantera experience. All well and good, we can only hope the folks up front had kneepads and mouthpieces, because this is not for the faint of heart. This is incendiary thrash metal; full-speed-ahead sonic mayhem, from the churning grunge of “Becoming” to the jackhammer assault of “Hostile.” “New Level,” the discs opener, pretty much defines the experience here; vocals are shouted rather than sung, drums are attacked with fury and vengeance, guitars scream and churn and ring out like the very bells of Hades…well, you get the idea. There are two new songs here as well, which the band recorded during a 12-day break in their hectic tour schedule.

…Militaristic beats, jagged riffs and tortured guitar squalls are intertwined with Phil Anselmos rabid-drill-sergeant vocals….even the slowest tracks broil with tightfisted fury…
Rolling Stone (09/18/1997)

…The heavy tunes have the stealth of hardcore techno and the skull-imploding impact of a collapsing tower block. The very heavy tunes sound like a jumbo jet crashing into your house. Hairy balled maximum security metal doesn’t get any more appallingly powerful than this…
NME (09/20/1997)

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