OZZY OSBOURNE: Bats Head Soup (Live Cleveland 1981) LP. VG+


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MAX NORMAN on Mixing Tribute Album using the Bats Head Soup Tape: An interesting story about that was, they sent me two different tapes. They said look “We got these two different shows, which show should we use?” So I listened to these 2 tapes. One of them was really pretty good, and the other one didn’t seem very good at all. It wasn’t very exciting. I was trying to work out why, and what was going on because it seemed a little weird to me. Then I finally realized they we’re the same show, with radically different mixes. They told me one was King Biscuit and one was Cleveland. It had been mixed completely differently. And I realized that the one that sounded really good, was the one with Randy really loud in the mix. The one that didn’t sound very good was the one where Randy was down in the mix. Randy was rushing so much, and was so ahead of the beat on stuff. If you turned him up it all made sense. But if you turned him down, then it sounded very chopped out. So it gave me inkling about, well I’ll use this one, I’ll just mix it like this. Because that the way it works. That gave me a good clue about how to mix it. I mixed it in CBS Studios in New York City on 71rst and Broadway.

Ozzy Osbourne With Randy Rhoads   Bats Head Soup
Label: Not On Label (Ozzy Osbourne)    none
Format: Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
A1  Intro / I Don’t Know (5:21)
A2 Crazy Train (5:12)
A3 Believer (5:21)
A4 Mr. Crowley (5:38)
B1 Flyin’ High Again (4:20)
B2 Revelation +
B3 Stealaway the Night [ With Drum Solo ] (12:58)
B4 Suicide Solution (7:53) + Interview With Ozzy Osbourne ’81 (2:58)
58 minutes 21 seconds
Live Cleveland 1981

After leaving Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne really had no clue what was in store for him but after a chance meeting with a guitar virtuoso from California named Randy Rhoads, it was clear that this was going to be something spectacular. Randy and Ozzy, together with Bob Daisley worked together to collaborate on what would later become the one and only – Blizzard of Ozz.- The band toured relentlessly making a name for themselves and Ozzy soon became as iconic on his own as he had in Black Sabbath.

1981, Ozzy and Randy along with new members Rudy Sarzo on bass and Tommy Aldridge on drums hit the road in support of the soon to be released sophomore album -Diary of a Madman.- This time they were headlining arenas with a larger than life stage production and a set list that featured a few tracks off of Diary, most of Blizzard of Ozz and a handful of Sabbath crowd pleasers.

So what makes this show so special? This album didnât contain the full show due to time constraints and is amazing quality. This show is actually from the master tapes that would later be used to made into the -Tribute- album that came out in 1987. This show is without a doubt the real deal and in my opinion sounds way better than the -Tribute- album. There are imperfections, flubs and off key vocals that you would expect to hear in a REAL concert. The Tribute album was heavily doctored and Ozzyâs voice auto-tuned to take away any kind of -warts- but all those are present on this LP in all it is raw and amazing glory. This is one NOT to skip over!

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