NWOBHM New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited. PROMO 2Cd + 6 bonus tracks. Signed / Autographed by Iron Maiden members Paul Di’ Anno and the original drummer Doug Sampson


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New Wave Of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited 2xCD  Vertigo 846 322-2 PROMO  1990

2 compact discs   July 1990    Total: 1:59:07 (Two hours of killer Heavy Metal)

Signed / Autographed by many band members incl. Iron Maiden members
Paul Di’ Anno
 signed on the front cover ( the first page of the booklet)
and the original drummer Doug Sampson! (SEE PICTURE BELOW)


1990 NWOBHM compilation album called New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited. This 2Cd set was put together by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and music journalist Geoff Barton (Sounds).
Prior to this release, many peoples only exposure to the NWOBHM movement was Iron Maiden and Def Leppard… They had an awareness of this era because a lot of the bands I listened to referenced the NWOBHM in interviews and listed bands such as Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Blitzkrieg,Iron Maiden, Tygers Of Pan Tang etc as influences but never got to hear the real thing until this comp..
Unfortunately, this 2CD with the bonus tracks has been long out of print To this day, this remains my favourite compilation and I think i its a great introduction and snap shot of the NWOBHM. Along with the killer music, this album just holds a lot of good memories and is still very special to me for many reasons. It is an honour that it was signed by those -still- UK based legendary musicians like the original Iron Maiden drummer. For people asking why the price is high: 1) rare promo 2) this is the version with the 6 bonus tracks 3) it is signed by hard to track UK based musicians, so unless you are based in the UK, fat chance of ever finding those legends to have this CD signed! So please no offers and no suggestions for a reduced price. It will NOT happen.

Disc One
1.”Its Electric” – Diamond Head
2.”Eye of the Storm” – Sweet Savage
3.”Motorcycle Man” – Saxon
4.”Cheetah” – White Spirit
5.”Don’t Need Your Money” – Raven
6.”White Lightning” – Paralex
7.”Getcha Rocks Off” – Def Leppard This is the only official CD release of Def Leppard’s original version of “Getcha Rocks Off” from The Def Leppard EP.
8.”Set the Stage Alight” – Weapon
9.”Vice Versa” – Samson
10.”Fight with the Devil” – Hollow Ground
11.”Demolition Boys” – Girlschool
12.”Leaving Nadir” – Witchfynde

Check all samples:
http://17329745.tistory.com/entry/New-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal-79-Rev… (whole songs)
http://www.muziekweb.nl/Link/JK53705 (small parts of songs)

Disc Two
1.”Sanctuary” – Iron Maiden  14-11-1979 with singer Paul Di’ Anno and the original drummer Doug Sampson!
2.”Back Street Woman” – Jaguar
3.”Killers” – Tygers of Pan Tang
4.”I’m No Fool” – Gaskin
5.”Sledgehammer” – Sledgehammer
6.”Angel Dust” – Venom
7.”Extermination Day” – Angel Witch
8.”One of These Days” – Trespass
9.”Death or Glory” – Holocaust
10.”If I Were King” – Vardis
11.”Blitzkrieg” – Blitzkrieg
12.”Helpless” – Diamond Head
13.”Ambitions” – Dragster BONUS TRACK
14.”Treason” – A II Z  BONUS TRACK
15.”Witchfinder General” – Witchfinder General BONUS TRACK
16.”Red Lights” – Black Axe BONUS TRACK
17.”S.S. Giro” – Fist BONUS TRACK
18.”Captured City” – Praying Mantis BONUS TRACK

Awesome compilation of bands from Def Leppard to Venom, with a demo version of Maidens “Sanctuary”, and many many obscure NWOBHM bands, like Samson (featuring a pre-Maiden Bruce Dickinson), White Spirit (featuring Janick Gers), Holocaust, Blitzkrieg, Diamond Head, Raven, Sweet Savage (with Vivian Campbell) and much more!
“Where were you in ’79, when the dam began to burst?”   “Denim and Leather”/Saxon (1981)

Simply stated, this is the Lars Ulrich tribute collection, with the assistance of noted English rock journalist Geoff Barton. The title, New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited, states it clearly, as this extensive compilation traces the origin of one of the most dynamic and important periods in the history of hard rock and heavy metal.

The start of the ground breaking NWoBHM scene is typically associated with the May of 1979 gig at Londons Music Machine, which featured the billing of Iron Maiden, Samson and Angel Witch treading the boards. The metal resurgence was swift, as groups moved independently financed singles, and performed intense sets for the denim and leather clad, long hair punters. Word-of-mouth spread quickly, as the ’80s took hold.

Issued as a celebration of the tenth Anniversary of the post-punk metal take-over in the U.K., the two CD New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited set features a total of thirty cuts, which includes such artists as Diamond Head, Sweet Savage, Saxon, White Spirit, Raven, Def Leppard (when they mattered), Samson, Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Gaskin, Venom, Angel Witch, Trespass, Vardis, Girlschool and Praying Mantis. The young and hungry aggression from the new guard of metalheads prevails throughout the retrospective, which dates back to an era when the English economy was depressed, and the no-future punk scene was running on empty.

As with any compilation, there are a few cuts left by the way side, but on the whole this is pure headbandin’ action from the upstart leather ‘n studs brigade. Diamond Head is the only act represented on the retrospective via two songs (album opener “Its Electric”, and “Helpless”).

“Getcha Rocks Off” by Def Leppard was pulled from the groups 1979 self-titled EP, which was recorded for Bludgeon Riffola Records. The Def Lep personnel for “Getcha Rocks Off” included drummer Frank Noon.

Iron Maidens entry is noteworthy as the raw version of “Sanstuary”, featuring the line-up of bassist Steve Harris, vocalist Paul Di’Anno, the guitar tandem of Dave Murray and Tony Parsons, and Doug Sampson on drums, was previously unreleased. I.M. recorded the number on November 14, 1979, and the song was subsequently transmitted over the BBC Radio One airwaves one month later, on the Friday Rock Show.

“Eddie” gives the collection of cuts an authoritative thumbs-up.

You had to be there… KNOCK IT BACK!
this double cd collection of the “new wave of British heavy metal`79 revisited” is a true milestone and a must have for any true metal head, this is where heavy metal got its true calling, this collection contains 30 tracks in all with a nice booklet inlay of all the bands on here including : def leppard, venom, saxon, diamond head, raven, samson, girl school, etc…. and you can hear where metallica got a lot of there influences from back in the day.5 stars….
A lot of well known NWOBHM classics (Sanctuary, Helpless, Witchfinder General, …) and a good share of unknown gems (If I Were King, Set The Stage Alight and Red Lights in particular).
Overall, a very good compilation, worthy of any NWOBHM fans attention. Its also easily one of the best contributions Lars Ulrich ever made to music, especially post-RtL.
New Wave of British Heavy Metal ’79 Revisited is one of the greatest ever compilation albums, and it was an album that first introduced many people to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Metallica’s Drummer Lars Ulrich wanted to find showcase the bands that had been such an influence on Metallica so he compiled this album from his own music collection, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal had been a huge influence on him and Metallica and this album was his way of showing where the roots of Metallica, and Thrash lay. This album is full of amazing, and often forgotten N.W.O.B.H.M. tracks. So many of the greats are here like Diamond Head, Witchfynde, Witchfinder General, Venom, White Spirit, and Saxon. It is just a fantastic introduction to what made N.W.O.B.H.M. so amazing.

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