MYTHRA: Death and Destiny 7″ E.P, first press 1979 Orange label. Second hand, heavily used. (Never on picture sleeve) N.W.O.B.H.M. Check audio


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MYTHRA – DEATH AND DESTINY EP 7″ Second hand, heavily used. (Never on picture sleeve)


Vince High (V)
Pete Melsom (B)
Barry Hopper (D)
John Roach (G)
Maurice Bates (G)

Death And Destiny

Mythra, a five piece HM band from South Shields released a four track EP ‘Death And Destiny’ on Guardian Records. (Sounds, 12/04/80)

Highly impressive debut EP. Mythra are probably most reminiscent of Judas Priest; but its difficult not to draw similarities between the younger bands and the more successfully established outfits, as Vince High, their lead singer, pointed out: “We really take it as a compliment if people want to compare us with Priest and bands like them,” he said, “but I don’t think that we sound directly like any other band. There are obvious influences though but they just reflect the groups taste in music.” (Steve Gett, Melody Maker, 28/06/80)


To some This is really the holy grail of NWOBHM 7″s. It is definitely one of my favorite metal eps for sure. The second song “killer” is my favorite off of this slab. You can tell that Holocaust, Iron Maiden, Metallica had been influenced by these 16 and 17 year old kids. Many reviews compared them to Judas Priest early on. I don’t really see it, I hear more Diamond Head in this stuff.

That is indeed the Holy Grail of Metal, that album is just one of the best ever produced in the birth of NWOBHM, it is outstanding, and my favorite track is U.F.O, I just can’t get enough of this.

MYTHRA is one of the big groups in the minor league, and as they stated in an interview, they really hoped theyd make it with this one, getting loads of money and fame and I think its fair to say this shines through on the EP for the good. Just like it always puzzles me when I listen to the mighty white album of DIAMOND HEAD with all its POTENTIAL and WILL, the same can be felt here. MYTHRA were ready to take off but things just didnt go that way. Shame, but what can you do. Much of the same bad luck faced the band 10 years later, when Lars Ulrich of METALLICA compiled his much acclaimed NWOBHM compilation double album: MYTHRA were asked to kindly appear on the sampler, but they were the only band that said no. Or much rather had to say no, because an uncle of theirs had the mastertapes in his possession and he wasnt interested.
The four tracks on the bands only release would have been described as rocking back then and the EPs hit song Killer is a real rocker. Amazing, to the point twin guitar mayhem and then some good rocking. Malc Macmillan, author of the NWOBHM-bible, oops Encyclopedia calls this riff archetypal, and although we dont believe in archetypes and such. Great are the other three tracks too. Every single one of them could be called a blueprint for the first wave of the NWOBHM: A bit on the typical side but thats not always a bad thing, is it. You hear JUDAS PRIEST and you hear DIAMOND HEAD, your feel the energy of Punk and lots of balls can be felt swinging too. Air guitar chuggah-chuggah-material. You seen that documentary on the NWOBHM on youtube (which is alsco included in the first Iron Maiden archives DVD)? Them two geezers with their handsawn wooden guitars (so to say materializations of air guitars)? Yeah I can picture them doing their imposterous little tricks to this MYTHRA EP. Brilliant.
Whenever Im in the mood for it, it seems like nothing can top the mood of it.

This wonderful four tracker was first released on the essential Guardian Records label in 1979.


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