Metal on Metal launch one VHS. Anvil, Atrocity, Saviour Machine, Skyclad, Theatre Of Tragedy, Baphomet, Fort, Psyco Drama-


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Label: Massacre Records
Music Direction of Metal: Gothic Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal
EAN no. 4028466081001
Catalogue no. MAS VI0100

Track – Artist / Band – Title
1st Anvil: Doctor Kevorkian
2nd Atrocity: Der Mussolini
3rd Baphomet: Mind The Doubt
4th Crematory: Tears Of Time
5th Facehugger: Red Hot & Steamy
6th Forté: Division
7th Psyco Drama: From Here
8th Rough Silk: Mephisto
9th Saviour Machine: Love Never Dies
10th Skyclad: Inequality Street
11th The Spudmonsters: Permanent Solution
12th Theatre Of Tragedy: Siren
13th Threnody: Dare Restrain
14th Wargasm: Dreadnaught Day