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Metal NewS  The latest news from the world of Metal Metal
On Stage – Upcoming concerts in Italy
Manowar Interview with Joey DeMaio
Live Report – Special “PowerMad Europe 2000″ Festival
. Running Wild – Interview Rock’n’Rolf
. Fates Warning – Interview with Jim Matheos.
X-Ray – X-ray discs: Morbid Angel
. UFO-Interview with Phil Mogg.
Planet X – Interview with Derek Sherinian
. Spock’s Beard – Interview with Neal Morse
Dark Tranquility – Interview with Mikael Stanne
Elegy Interview with Patrick Rondat
– Symphorce Interview with Andy B. Franck
– Moon concert – Interview with Norifumi Shima
– Labyrinth – Interview with the band
– Afterworld – Interview with Ville Koskela
– Crematory – Interview with Matthias Hechler
Hypocrisy Intervista con Peter Tägtgren –
– Love Like Blood – Interview with Gunnar Eysel
– Melodic Visions – All about the world of Melodic Hard Rock
Ten-Interview with Gary Hughes
Voodoo Hill – Interview with Dario Mollo
– Pino Scotto – Interview with Pino Scotto
– L.A. File – Live-Report on the Rock scene in Los Angeles
– Howls from the Underground – By G. Passarella
– X-Ray – X-ray discs: Motley Crue Chuchy ”
Special – “Bride Of Chucky” / “The Bride of
Metal On CD / Short Reviews / Non Solo
Metal- Reviews for all tastes Sigma-Interview with AJ.
Acajou – Interview with Alessandro Ruffato
Atrox Interview with Monika Edvardsen –
The Black – Interview with Mario Di Donato
Metal Ax-Men – The world of Metal guitarists
Tribute Mania – The best Tribute-Albums

to breed true
LESS THAN UMAN – “To Breed True” (Yperano / White’n’Black)
Very interesting this Greek five-piece that comes with an album entirely recorded in England, and finished, in part, even at the famous “Abbey Road Studios”. The sound is really dark and aggressive, close to the Sepultura of “Arise”, although at times also approaching New Metal and the more violent Thrash-core. The “Mega Food” opener is affected by the vocal lines of Hetfield expressions of the “..And Justice” era, which we also find in pieces like “Trigger Happy” and “Broken By You”. It continues with very “modern” songs, close to the first Machine Heads, such as “Perfect Time To Explode”, “Who’s Fault”, “Keep Your Distance”, while “More Or Less Human” is the classic “breathless pull” for a headbanging of yesteryear. Traces of heaviness and vague Sabbatean atmospheres can be found in “Suffer In Silence” and “Tooth Broken” for an album that ends with the sick Thrash-core of “It Is Hell …”. Definitely a good record, engaging even if not really innovative. Recommended.
(Simon Anaclerio)

Phlegmatic Sun
SUPER NOT – “Phlegmatic Sun” (Yperano / White’n’Black)
Premise: I was absolutely unaware of this James Hetfield side project. How do you say? Isn’t he the one singing? So who is the author of the songs, so similar in all respects to the latest Metallica productions ??? These Canadian guys must have spent a little too many evenings listening to “Load” or the “Black Album” and the result is this “Phlegmatic Sun”, a pleasant, if too derivative record.  Super Not is modern music but with ears attentive to the sacred lessons of the past: echoes of Black Sabbat. The Doors and Kyuss are felt almost everywhere along the 11 tracks of the disc (the final cover of the famous “Break On Through” it seems extremely significant) and the sound, dark and heavy, with the hypnotic voice of the singer, an authentic clone of Hetfield. The energetic “Acid Machine”, the enveloping title-track and the Sabbathian “Needle In The I”, are successfully done and are great.
(Primo Bonali)