LED ZEPPELIN: III LP. GATEFOLD original SD 7201 Original Diecut Cover-1970-1st PRESSING USA with a wheel


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Led Zeppelin III is the third album by the English rock band Led Zeppelin. It was recorded between January and July 1970 and was released on 5 October 1970 by Atlantic Records. Composed largely at a remote cottage in Wales known as Bron-Yr-Aur, this work represented a maturing of the band music towards a greater emphasis on folk and acoustic sounds. This surprised many fans and critics, and upon its release the album received rather indifferent reviews. Although it is not one of the highest sellers in Led Zeppelin catalogue, Led Zeppelin III is now generally praised, and acknowledged as representing an important milestone in the band history.

Released 5 October 1970
Recorded January – August 1970 at various locations
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, folk rock
Length 43:04
Label Atlantic

Side one
1. “”Immigrant Song”” Page, Plant 2:26
2. “”Friends”” Page, Plant 3:55
3. “”Celebration Day”” Jones, Page, Plant 3:29
4. “”Since I’ve Been Loving You”” Jones, Page, Plant 7:25
5. “”Out on the Tiles”” Bonham, Page, Plant 4:04

Side two
1. “”Gallows Pole”” trad., arr. Page, Plant 4:58
2. “”Tangerine”” Page 3:12
3. “”That the Way”” Page, Plant 5:38
4. “”Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”” Jones, Page, Plant 4:20
5. “”Hats Off to (Roy) Harper”” trad., arr. Charles Obscure 3:41

Led Zeppelin III original vinyl edition was packaged in a gatefold sleeve with an innovative cover, designed by Zacron, a multi-media artist whom Jimmy Page had met in 1963 whilst Zacron was a student at Kingston College of Art. Zacron had recently resigned a lectureship at Leeds Polytechnic to found Zacron Studios and in 1970 Page contacted him and asked him to design the third album cover.
The cover and interior gatefold art consisted of a surreal collection of seemingly random images on a white background, many of them connected thematically with flight or aviation (as in “”Zeppelin””). Behind the front cover was a rotatable laminated card disc, or volvelle, covered with more images, including photos of the band members, which showed through holes in the cover. Moving an image into place behind one hole would usually bring one or two others into place behind other holes. This could not be replicated on a conventional cassette or CD cover. The idea of including a volvelle, based on crop rotation charts, was initially Jimmy Page concept. However, the result was a meeting of minds as Zacron had been working on rotating graphics from 1965. Zacron felt that by not including text on the front of the cover, the art would endure.


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