HUMBUCKER: Mondo Electro CD -Self released fuzzed out rock / stoner rock. Penance, Spirit Caravan ex members.


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This is the 2002 release – indie release from previous member of Penance – hard rock – power trio stuff – some doomy elements , but very solid 70’s styled hard rock!! Cool!! Featuring Ron Leard on vox and bass; Dave Roman on guitar; Mike Starr on drums.
Self released 2002

1. HUMBUCKER Melancholy Kaleidoscope 06:07
2. Saintly Addiction 03:55
3. Fallen Away 04:05
4. Nowhere Dreams 03:35
5. HUMBUCKER Cold World Scene 04:53
6. Searchin’ 04:08
7. Pushin´ Too Hard 03:44
8. HUMBUCKER Life Echoes 03:51
9. New Year´s Song 06:07
10. HUMBUCKER Bottle of Sin 03:29
11. My World´s Insane 05:50
12. HUMBUCKER Sound Around Me 04:26
13. HUMBUCKER Earthtone Blues 04:54
Total playing time 59:04

Mixing fuzzed out rock with a groove in the vein of Blind Melon…this debut features Ron Leard (Penance) on bass…produced by Chris Kozlowski (Penance, Spirit Caravan, etc.). This rocking band has a lot of power in the riffs that they produce. We have great mid tempo songs in a stoner rock fashion. The guys have a great feeling and attitude throughout the CD playing their songs with a lot of conviction and having a lot of power. The songs are really well constructed and they have a lot of hooks (I found myself singing the songs while listening to them). Humbucker´s music has a lot of energy and I really like the singer who has a lot of identity
on his voice and sings really well the songs contained on this CD. The guitarist is really well adding acoustic touches when the song need it (like on “”Saintly Addiction””). This is a really rocking release!!!!!!”

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