HOUSE OF LORDS: Demons Down [tape cassette] 1992 ultra rare (Holland, Dutch, The Netherlands). Top Melodic Hard Rock Check video + audio.


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Label: Victory 828 311-4
Format: Cassette, Album
Country: Holland, Europe
Sortie: 1992
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “O Father” James Christian, Gregg Giuffria, Mark Edward Baker, Bob Marlette 5:54
2. “Demons Down” Christian, Giuffria, Baker 3:32
3 “What’s Forever For” Christian, Giuffria, Baker 4:36
4. “Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” Christian, Giuffria, Baker, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Johnstad 4:46
5 “Spirit of Love” Christian, Giuffria, Tim Pierce, Mark Spiro 4:34
6 “Down, Down, Down” Christian, Giuffria, Baker, Marlette 4:49
7. “Metallic Blue” Christian, Giuffria, Baker, Mike Slamer 5:03
8 “Inside You” Christian, Giuffria, Spiro, Alan Pasqua 5:36
9 “Johnny’s Got a Mind of His Own” Christian, Giuffria, Baker  [Paul Stanley from KISS (additional background vocals)] 3:40
10. “Can’t Fight Love” Christian, Giuffria, Baker, Slamer 3:21
Time : 46:24       Released : April 7, 1992
Produced by : David Thoener and House Of Lords

James Christian – vocals and guitar [House of Lords, Eyes]
Dennis Chick – guitar and backing vocals [House of Lords, Freak of Nature]
Sean McNabb – bass and backing vocals [Dokken, Quiet Riot, Great White, Rough Cutt, House of Lords]
Tommy Aldridge – drums and backing vocals [Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Black Oak Arkansas, Hear ‘n Aid, Manic Eden, House of Lords, Tony Macalpine, Pat Travers]
Gregg Giuffria – keyboards and backing vocals

Additional Musicians:
Tim Pierce – guitar
Danny Jacobs – guitar
Paul Stanley – backing vocals
David Glen Eisley – backing vocals
Aina – backing vocals

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5.0 out of 5 stars the house of lords,
this album deserved much more than it got,the quality of the music is outstanding if melodic rock,great guitar solo and a fantastic vocalist is your fancy this cd is worth the bundle that it will cost to own one.
Not a bad song on this tape the moment i pressed play, the sound of the band had all the signatures of the first two albums, like the atmospheric keyboards,kicking drums and sawing guitar sounds it will take you to another place.
If i have to choose a track that defines the album it would have to be the power ballad whats forever for as it took me right away.
You must buy this album. Essential for your collection.

5.0 out of 5 stars A most excellent album!,
I love James Christian voice, there is just something about his singing that I can listen to all the time. Gregg Giuffria is an awesome keyboardist!
Demons Downs has a great mix of ballads and rock music. “”what Forever For””, “”Spirit of Love”” and “”inside you”” are great ballads. “”Metalic Blue”” and “”can’t fight love”” are awesome!
If you were an 80 rocker growing up or just like that type of music, this is a MUST for your collection!
5.0 out of 5 stars House Of Lords/Demons Down,
80, 90 band House of Lords released three albums as a band. Demons Down is the most emotional and well written album they created, not to take away from their other two (Sahara, HOL), which are extremely good! With songs like “”Remember My Name””, “”Sahara””, “”Love Don’t Lie””, and the moving remake of Steve Winwood song””Can’t Find My Way Home”” it a shame that this band still isn’t making albums. But James Christian had a excellent solo album called “”Rude Awakening””. I highly recommend it!
5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE!,
If you consider yourself an HOL fan, you must get this for your music library. All of the songs ROCK! My personal favorite is “”Oh Father””.
5.0 out of 5 stars
This is a great cd from the tail end of the classic “”hair metal”” era. I was watching Seinfeld yesterday (the “”Bubble Boy”” episode). Much to my surprise, when George Castanza went to the Bubble Boy room, the boy had a poster of this album cover on the wall! By the way, they don’t make releases like this anymore and it would be a great addition to any melodic rock fan collection. On another note–Gregg Giuffria, where have you been and when are you coming back???
5.0 out of 5 stars THE POWER AND THE PASSION,
Every once in a while a defining moment comes along, this one all but got missed in the shifting sands of musical taste arriving at the end of the eighties as the grunge movement closed in. But never fear the cream always rises to the top and receeding sales of this genre of music did nothing to stop “”House Of Lords”” releasing this epic masterpiece. A perfect balance of the debut release with its pomp and circumstance and the slightly less convincing rock of “”Sahara”” this is spellbinding stuff. Individual credit to songs is pointless cause they all are great but if you force the point then try the opener “”Our Father”” with its pleading passion of the failings of man, “”Whats Forever For”” and “”Spirit Of Love”” that bring a tear to the eye for the ultimate in stellar AOR with heart and soul. Hard to believe two such triumphs could appear on one release. If you like a little melodrama then try “”Inside You”” which is the most climactic land mark ballad any band could offer. Like it a little harder then try the title track “”Demons Down”” a little Bon Jovi derived (yet forgivable) and “”Johnny Got a Mind of His Own”” with guest backing vocals from Stan the Man from Kiss which really sparkles. Again as with all releases featuring Greg Giuffria an essential purchase in any true lover of classic rocks collection. Majestic.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great melodies and superb writing,
I love this band. I have been listening to them since 1990 or even sooner. Their song Metallic Blue, Johnny and spirit of love are awesome.

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