HOTEL HUNGER: This Is Where The Fun Starts LP 1989 A.O.R. USA PROMO. Check audio


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Label: MEGAFORCE 81975-1
Release Country: USA

Category: Hard Rock / ROCK

Year: 1989

Label: Megaforce/Atlantic

Jimmy Jorgensen lead vocals, backing vocals
Henrik Andersen guitars, backing vocals
Freddie Pedersen drums
Michael Ziegler nass, backing vocals

1. Lying on a Rock
2. Bad Boy
3. Dying Once Again
4. Don’t Talk About It
5. Taking My Soul on a Walk
6. Give Me Love
7. If You Dare
8. Sally
9. Eating of Love
10. Meat Town

it is a shame great stuff just gets lost in all the pop crap we have to be blugened with that prevents interesting stuff from getting exposed. i think people would have liked this one.

They had some good melodies and some good rockers, but nothing that makes you say “Yeah!”. The singer reminds me of the 80s new wave bands like Simple Minds or Depeche Mode. Not quite AOR, even in its broadest sense. They try to be hi-tech like Eight Seconds and BLVD to name 2. You just need an open mind to enjoy this.

I am one of those, who are enjoying this release, because I am open minded. 🙂 A nice addition to your collection, imo.

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