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A bit of punkish speed, a voice that is raunchier than David “”Water”” Potter once was in Cloven Hoof. All kinds of highlights at once. “”Banging Horns”” Jaguar-fast and the riff has some features of “”Iron Maiden””. “”Son of the Horned God”” is exactly as “”petty occult”” as the lyrics often were in the heyday of the NWOBHM. There’s also some Iron Maiden-guitars here and Mikko could easily have replaced Luther Beltz on any of the 80-ies albums of Witchfynde. Mikko is the perfect remedy for Luther’s high pitch screaming. The entire Heathen Hoof, Ari Honkonen, guitars and background vox, Jani Lamberg, guitars, Tomi Rankainen, bass, Benjam Riininen, drums and of cause Mikko have done their NWOBHM-homework. The closer “”Night Hunter”” sounds delightfully English and could have been a sampler from “”Metal for Muthas”” from 1980
HH plays traditional heavy metal in the style of early NWOBHM bands. The vocals are more in the gruff, drunken style like Ari’s main band, Morningstar.

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