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Changes, the new Godsmack DVD, gives an intimate portrayal of life on tour. Shot throughout their 2003-2004 “”Faceless”” Tour, the film lets viewers experience the rigors of being on the road, and includes 12 incredible live performances of their biggest hits. Features: * Twelve powerful songs * Exclusive documentary * Extensive photo gallery Audio Options: * PCM Stereo/SRS Circle Surround * 5.1 Multichannel * 5.1 DTS

1 Straight Out of Line
2 Awake
3 Faceless
4 Bad Religion
5 Moon Baby
6 Serenity
7 Re-Align
8 Changes
9 Keep
10 Voodoo
11 Batalla de los Tambores
12 Stand Alone


this dvd can be a pleasurable experience for people like me who dont even have all of their cd’s, or for others who are like diehard fans, and have been to every show, and have everything little thing this band puts out.

To start things off, the dvd is about 1 hour and 40 minutes of well mixed documentary material, and interviews, alongside with one of their live shows in Pennsylvania. The interviews really give you an inside view of what the Godsmack, or any other band, is like on the road, and how fame and a band has changed their lives. I found each band member to have a certain level of maturity and education, and was very impressed at the fact that they did not crowd up this dvd with women and drugs, and stuff like that. I know some other bands who do so, and it starts to become a pain watching something that isn’t very informative, or proves that the band has no class.

All of the live songs are amazing, and what surprised me is that they sound just like that recording. Many bands, as you may well know, are studio musicians, but nooooo…not Godsmack. Sully has an okay voice, but at last he doesnt hide behind studio effects, and stuff like that. Believe me, you wont be disappointed AT ALL.
Unfortunately, Sully likes to cuss a lot, and although it’s probably nothing you guys havent heard before, it kind of makes you go, “”Oh he’s so cool and mature and stuff, and I want to grow up to be in a band like his”” and then all of a sudden he comes out saying, “”man i wish they would just f***ing do the f***ing dvd for the f***ing love of christ. Jesus, what the f*** can’ta they f***ing do this s**t!?”” and then it kind of puts you down. But oh well, that doesnt change the fact one bit that they are an exceptionally mature band, and and inspired to be creative, original, and to work hard at what they do.

There is a drum solo, and Sully, who sings and plays guitar in the band, plays drums, and bongos, and congos and sweet tribal instruments like that. Drums were his original instrument, and he’s been playing for many years. Just getting to see him play his best with his other drummer, Shannon , is an amazing sight, and what really blows my mind is that fact that they only follow a routine for the song up to a certain point. All of the drum fills that they do are made up on the spot, and could be different every night they play it! It was amazing, and in my opinion, this 5-minute medley is worth the price of the dvd itself.

So, as you can see, this dvd will not only fascinate you to no end, but it will also keep you WELL entertained. After watching this dvd, I had nothing but respect for these guys, and I can’t wait to go to one of their real live shows someday.

Lastly, the dvd comes equipped with 5.1 dolby digital surround sound capabilities, so you can get a full “”concert experience”” in you own living room. There is also a picture gallery, which isn’t much, but hey, it sounds cool, and makes people want to buy it. You wont be disappointed and I guarantee it.

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