GIRLSCHOOL: Emergency 7″ + Furniture Fire. Check video. SIGNED Autographed


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Emergency is from their debut album and is a classic Girlschool track. It’s fast, furious and punky. As soon as you heard this, it pulled you in. It’s just so raw, but never gets rid of the catchiness. One of the big songs of their career, and as soon as you hear the unmistakable opening, you are caught up!” (says Rock Goddess’ Jody Turner).

Here is the 2nd GIRLSCHOOL 7″. What a great guitarist Kelly was (she died of cancer in 2007)! This version of Emergency I always liked best. Slower, heavier, gloomier. Furniture Fire is another of those unsung hits and sure has one of the best song titles I heard. Although the lead part in Furniture Fire is an obvious and shameless KINKS rip off (You really got me), Kelly had a unique style that eventually got adapted to that of Fast Eddie Clark (MOTÖRHEAD). I mean, that is what malicious tongues always said, that it was basically the Bronze labels manager who shaped GIRLSCHOOL. They were designed to be a female MOTÖRHEAD. Well, however much calculation and intention might have been involved, you sure can say that both bands had quite a bit in common. GIRLSCHOOLs first two LPs and of course the incredible St. Valentines Day Massacre EP (which GIRLSCHOOL recorded together with their partners MOTÖRHEAD) sounded like they had come out directly of the MOTÖRHEAD factory. Which is not a bad thing, really.

Emergency (1980)
Identical riff (almost) to Demolition Boys, but no one was complaining. This was in the band’s Kelly-in-leatherjacket heyday.


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