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The magnificent return of the gods of melodic hard rock has brought outstanding results with this 2001 studio album, the first since 1991s ‘Time to Burn’. Featuring guitarist/vocalist Dann Huff (Whiteheart, Megadeth). Ten tracks including, ‘Combustion’, ‘You Will Be Mine’, ‘Over You’ & ‘Don’t Leave Me In Love’.



1 Combustion

Written-By – D. Huff*

2 You Will Be Mine

Written-By – D. Huff*, D. Huff*, M.Brignardello*

3 Over You

Written-By – D. Huff*, M.Brignardello*

4 Don’t Leave Me In Love

Written-By – D. Huff*, M. Spiro*

5 Love Can’t Help You Now

Written-By – D. Huff*, M. Spiro*

6 The Sky Is The Limit

Written-By – D. Huff*, V. Stephenson*

7 It’s Not The End Of The World

Written-By – B. Farrell*, D. Huff*, V. Stephenson*

8 Oh Yeah

Written-By – D. Huff*, D. Huff*, M.Brignardello*

9 Can’t Let Go

Written-By – D. Huff*, D. Huff*

10 Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

Written-By – John Moon Martincover

European label Frontiers aggressively courted three of the four original band members until they agreed to reconvene for these recordings, nearly ten years after their breakup. In the interim, vocalist/guitarist Dann Huff, his drumming sibling David Huff and bassist Mike Brignardello (keyboard player Alan Pasqua did not take part in the reunion) had resumed their prior existence as in-demand session musicians, with the first Huff also stepping behind the mixing desk to produce the odd country artist and rather infamously, a pair of LPs for thrash metal legends Megadeth. The point of all this background is that all three of the returning musicians were doing just fine in their careers behind the scenes and therefore had no reason to resurrect the Giant name beyond their love of the music and a pure desire to rock! And rock they did across most of IIIs new tunes (and with virtually no discernible Christian undercurrents to boot), but with the exception of the hard-driving “You Will Be Mine” and Van Halen-esque “The Sky Is the Limit,” Giant rarely showed the same urgency heard on their oftentimes borderline metallic Time to Burn. Instead, groovy mid-paced rockers like “Over You,” “Love Can’t Help You Now,” and “Oh Yeah” cruised along with the studied precision to be expected of lifelong session players, recalling in that sense the technically pristine but also sometime soulless Last of the Runaways. And, at the opposite end of the spectrum, III felt conspicuously “light” (or not “light” enough, as it were) in the power ballad category compared with its two predecessors, with scant examples like “Don’t Leave Me in Love” (memorable, but perhaps too energetic to actually qualify), the half-hearted “Its Not the End of the World,” and even the exceptionally catchy “Can’t Let Go” ultimately lacking the over the top commitment to maudlin schmaltz that typifies the best and truly timeless AOR tearjerkers. So, at the end of the day (and the albums conclusion, via a snappy cover of the Robert Palmer hit “Bad Case of Loving You”), III felt like a competent but rather workmanlike production, not quite on par with Giants earlier LPs — perhaps because it lacked the desperate hunger and fire that only a true desire to make it could have inspired. Luckily, Giants collective songwriting and performing talent was such that even another day at the office was a very good day by most any standards and that seemed to be more than enough for the die-hard fans who went to the trouble of seeking out this album.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Rock Band You Never Heard Of.,
Welcome back to the boys of Giant! I just found out this cd existed, and I’m so sorry I haven’t had it for a year and a half. I can’t stop playing it after owning it for two weeks now. This is a great continuation of the superb Giant sound that started for me in the summer of 1989 when I heard the first chords of “I’m A Believer” on FM radio. I so wish they had stayed together and put out more music.
This band has it all; the virtuoso guitar player/vocalist, the solid backbeat of an outstanding drummer and premier bass player, and a most excellent keyboardist. If you’ve never heard this band before and you like powerful melodic rock with punch, strong lead vocals, piercing lead guitar, and song structure and harmonies out the ying yang, then do your ears a huge favor and get the entire Giant collection of “Last Of The Runaways”, “Time To Burn”, and “Giant III.” Their music and harmonies will give you goosebumps. You absolutely will not be disappointed.
(Its cool to have a band you love with your own name too!)
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Melodic Rock ive heard in ages,
Wow:) this is superb. normally im a heavy metal cd buyer but i also love melodic rock when its done right. This cd has some very good hard rock stuff like You Could be Mine and also some superb ballads like Cant let Go. Music like this is criminally ignored by people nowadays. I suggest you check giant out before the Cd isnt available anymore.
5.0 out of 5 stars TIME TO BURN AGAIN!!,
“III” (subtitled The Melodic Rock Strikes Back) is the follow up to 1992s classic “Time To Burn”, and this album is as huge sounding as your “Time To Burn” and “Last Of The Runaways” albums.

GIANT are back bigger and meatier than ever, “III” is sure to be welcomed with open arms by the masses of hard rock fans, check out the stirring Eddie Van Halen inspired guitar intro on opening instrumental ‘Combustion’, Dann Huff as always plays with such excellence and this piece is a simple instrumental which leads into the albums first song ‘You Will Be Mine’ which has tons of atmosphere and is quite glorious melodic hard rock.

Songs are songs and at the end of the day this album has them in abundance, check out the catchy Def Leppardish ‘Over You’ whilst the smooth AOR approach of “Don’t Leave Me In Love’ is one of those dreamy Giant songs where the vocal harmonies just glide past you, stunning song indeed in the save Me Tonight’ vein..

Then its back to the top of the rock with the rather Sammy Hagar meets Nightranger layered rockness of ‘Love Can’t Help You Now’, this song is mega catchy and forces you to singalong.

If melodic rock is dead then Giant are sure to bring it back to the fold with this fantastic album check out the guitar pumping ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ which is one of my favourite songs because it just bounces along at a frantic pace a’la ‘I’m A Believer’ and is just simply classic Giant.

‘Its Not The End Of The World’ is a fantastic harmony layered ballad, Dans voice is perfect, god has it really been almost ten years since “Time To Burn”? Its as if the band have never been away, I really hope they get to come over and play live to support this record, the market is completely open for them here in the UK.

More Def Leppard influences can be heard on the tongue ‘n’ cheek ‘Oh Yeah’ which is another catchy up-tempo rocker and then comes the fantastic big big ballad ‘Can’t Let Go’, this is pure gold and the guitar work is played gently reminding me of Steve Lukather and Michael Landau, thus this song is very much in the Richard Marx vein and is beautifully constructed with some nice little Neal Schon guitar twists here there, classic Giant my friends.

Finally the band bail out in all their glory on the fantastic ‘Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)’ which is a killer song in the vein of Bad Company, Foreigner and erm Giant, I’m sure I’ve heard this track somewhere before its so catchy that Frontiers/Now And Then should issue this as the next single as I’m sure radio would pick up on this.

So there you have it, this is a highly enjoyable album that at the moment I can’t stop playing. This album is full of great songs which work on every single song throughout this magic disc, make sure you buy it and lets hope that we don’t have to wait another ten years before the next Giant album. Welcome back guys we’ve missed you.
5.0 out of 5 stars My dreams have come true,
I never thought the day would come when I’d be listening to a new Giant album. That idea was just a wild fantasy I had. It was much to my surprise to learn that a new album had been released, and I only found out by accident. If you did not already hear, III is the latest album. If you were not aware this material is NOT NEW. It was songs recorded largely around the Time to Burn album that just didn’t make it on there. When I first learned this I was very worried, that the album would be second rate material. Much to my delight, the material is outstanding. It just proves how incredible a group that Giant is, that they can make an entire new album of good music with all their backup songs.
I’d be lying if I said this album is as good as the first two. Its not, and in some hard to define way, you *can* tell these songs were not the creme of the crop for them. BUT, the album still kicks a** and is a terrific addition to your Giant collection. I’ve played it about 75 times in a row now, and still get psyched when I hit play and start it all over again.. There are some great rockers on this one!!

If you haven’t already, don’t delay, buy this album!! You won’t be dissapointed!! And if enough of us buy it, maybe our dreams will be met once more, and we’ll get a 4th album!!
5.0 out of 5 stars The CDs Price? “Sky Is The Limit”,
Giant is one of the greatest find in a last few years. They produced the albums with great reputation during the late 80s and early 90s while I was almost away from American music with the exception of Bad English, Bryan Adams and Richard Marx. (Sorry Giant was still not in my dictionary in 1992).
It took no time before I love this CD. It is really an excellent combination of wildness and catchy aspect of hard rock reminding me of early Loverboy, Survivor and Foreigner. My #1 favorite is Love Can’t Help You Now, which should become their comeback US hit. Sky Is The Limit that follows is great fun pop. Wow and their Robart Palmer cover “Bad Case of Loving You” is a nice case of covering Robert. If you love 80s rock, you will definitely love it.
5.0 out of 5 stars this is what you are looking for,
…if you loved Giants previous releases, as well as S. Hagar, Def Leppard and AOR in general.
Great songs, incredible guitar solos…are the 80s back?? Lets hope so! FM all the way
5.0 out of 5 stars Great unknown hair-metal classic,
Quite pricey, but worth it if you are a Giant fan. They should have been a more popular group, but unfortunately came along during the late-80s Guns N’ Roses and early 90s Nirvana phenomenons, and soon found their sound out of fashion. Dann Huffs vocals and guitar are simply fantastic on this album. The first two Giant albums are very good, but lack the power guitar shown here. The sound itself is top-notch, and vastly exceeds the fidelity of the first two albums.
5.0 out of 5 stars GIANT III,
As with other Giant releases this CD is another fantastic production of hard rock songs and amazing use of electric guitar.
Thank you Giant.
5.0 out of 5 stars Just As Great As The First Two,
I disagree with what some of you are saying. I do think this album is as great as the first two. Some of the greatest bands in history have never released an album of great songs from front to back but these guys have now released three albums in which every song is worth listening to. And the latest is made up of the songs that did not make it on the first two albums. It is rather amazing when you think about it. I listen to some of the songs such as Don’t Leave Me In Love, Its Not The End Of The World, and Can’t Let Go and wonder why they didn’t make room on the first two albums. It had to have been a difficult choice. Don’t Leave Me In Love could have been another mega hit for them although the grudge rock scene did hurt them as well as other popular metal bands of the era. This album includes all the things you loved about the first two albums including Danns amazing guitar and vocals. Also, the ballads are fantastic. Can’t Let Go will make you cry. I promise.
5.0 out of 5 stars 3 is still good,
After the first 2 GIANT discs , couldnt wait for this one its just hard to find.
this disc is worth the wait it might not pack the punch of the first two but it still rocks from start to finish.Dan Huff needs to stay out of country and stay here this is where he excels.

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