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Corridors of Power is the third solo album by Irish guitarist Gary Moore, released in 1982. It contains a cover of Free’s “Wishing Well”. This is the first of Irish guitar virtuoso Gary Moore’s true heavy metal albums. Boasting a crisp, aggressive sound, Corridors of Power kicks off with the foot-stomping “Don’t Take Me for a Loser,” delivers the token power ballad in “Always Gonna Love You,” and floors the gas pedal on “Rockin’ Every Night.” However, the albums climax has to be the epic “End of the World,” with its two-minute long guitar solo intro and vocals courtesy of Creams’ Jack Bruce.

Check this 107 seconds audio review of the album: 

1982 UK limited edition tape featuring Ian Paice on drums.

Gary Moore   Corridors Of Power
Label: Virgin
Format: tape
Country: UK
A1 Dont Take Me For A Loser
A2 Always Gonna Love You
A3 Wishing Well [Free cover]
A4 Gonna Break My Heart Again
A5 Falling In Love With You    [Bass: Mo Foster]

B1 End Of The World [Drums Bobby Chouinard, Vocals Jack Bruce]
B2 Rockin’ Every Night
B3 Cold Hearted
B4 I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

Bass Neil Murray [Whitesnake, The Brian May Band and Black Sabbath]
Drums Ian Paice [Deep Purple, Whitesnake]
Guitar Gary Moore
Keyboards Tommy Eyre
Producer Jeff Glixman
Vocals Gary Moore

Additional personnel:
John Sloman – backing vocals
Jack Bruce – co-lead vocals on “End of the World”
Bobby Chouinard – drums on “End of the World” [Billy Squier, Alice Cooper, Carolyne Mas, Gary Moore, Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding, Cher, Ted Nugent, etc.]
Mo Foster – bass guitar on “Falling in Love with You”
Don Airey – keyboards on “Falling in Love with you”

I have been a Gary Moore fan since his Colosseum II days and he remains one of my all-time favorite guitar players. Incredible technique and great feel. Gary plays his leads as if the ship is going down! Killer tone and blazing licks! I don’t think Gary got the recognition he deserved, but he can wail with the best of ’em. There were some pretty impressive guitarists around when this LP was released but I wouldn’t take any of them over Gary. Gary was just ferocious on the guitar.
The fact that Gary can go from a fusion band like Colosseum to Thin Lizzy to this to the blues shows just how versatile and skilled a player he is. He is highly proficient in all those styles. I have had the good fortune of seeing Gary perform twice and he was on top of his game, as expected. Trust me, this LP needs to be in your collection, especially if you’re a guitarist. Gary is the man!!

5.0 out of 5 stars 2nd solo by Gary Moore. A Classic In Hard Rock.
Gary Moore’s “Corridors Of Power”, is simply that, great power rock. 30 year-old Gary, just got done doing G-Force and helped out with Greg Lake’s first solo album and started work on this album with Deep Purple/Whitesnake drummer Ian Paice, Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray and keyboardist Tommy Eyre, this set was produced by Jeff Glixman.
This album begins with the scorcher “Don’t Take Me For A Loser”, (a tune i fell for right off the bat), the melodic power ballad “Always Gonna You”, the Free classic “Wishing Well”, Gary let’s it loose on this one. His ballad “Falling In Love With You”, the guitar shredding of “End Of The World”, with ex-Cream bassist, vocalist Jack Bruce, (should be on everyone’s top hard rock tunes of all-time lists!), SMOKIN’ stuff. The slashing “Rockin’ Every Night”, just good old style hard pounding rock. The hard blues sound of “Cold Hearted”, and the slow burning blues-rocker “I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow”, with great organ work by Eyre and smoldering guitar by Gary.
Great stuff by this late Irish guitarist, miss ya Gary!

5.0 out of 5 stars Eddie Van Who?
One of the most underrated guitarist of the rock genre, Gary Moore showcases his pop sensibilities on some of his finest work! Great riffs and great solos and great songs too!

5.0 out of 5 stars God bless Gary Moore!!!
ANYTHING Gary More is Classic! Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed listening to Gary Moore from the Thin Lizzy days, through his solo days, great live performer, great guy! Mostly under the manstream radar, but the mainstream often ends up stale anyway, so it’s been nice to have him consistently put out great stuff and never stale…I often pull out Thin Lizzy or his solo stuff and never tire of it…always fresh-Total brilliance! I was fortunate to have seen him live and still like plugging in my strat and playing the intro to ‘End of the World’…lost many of sleep staying up, learning his solos and Van Halen, etc. It’s another shock to the music world to lose one of the most beloved rock & blues guitarist! Found dead at 58 on Feb. 6 at a hotel in Spain while on vacation. Thanks for the inspiration brotha- R.I.P.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Aviator of Guitar !!!
My favorite guitarist in the world. No other was capable of playing as many genres with such adept effusive emotion and technique as Gary. He was incredibly fast with fusion and hard rock and maudlin and brilliant with blues and Irish lament. I miss his personage and talent. Rest in peace Gary.

5.0 out of 5 starsand I mean that in the best way. IMO this album captures what Gary Moore …
Major influence of mine, mad angry crazy Irishman!, and I mean that in the best way. IMO this album captures what Gary Moore was all about. Gary had it all, hot passionate guitar, guitar tone for miles, excellent song composition skills,very good voice.He fortunately never allowed himself to be pigeonholed as just another heavy metal player. Long live Gary Moore! RIP

5.0 out of 5 stars Corridors of Power
Gary Moore’s “Corridors of Power” is another LP that every Guitarist and wanna be should have in their collection. Every track on this is Hard driving Rock and Roll with a lot of Heavy guitar rifts! Buy It! Turn it up! and enjoy It! You won’t be disappointed! Gary does a very great copy of Wishing Well & You will play “End of the World” more than once when you crank it up! If you like Thin Lizzy, you love this too!

5.0 out of 5 stars Time-less Rock Classic,
The key to this album is in the Title – POWER – with Gary at his Rockin’ best – including a superb cover of Frees Wishing Well. This is a “must-have” album for fans of Gary or Heavy Rock in general.

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic Rock – Will The Real Gary Moore Please Stand Up!,
Just who the hell is Gary Moore? Jazz Rocker? Blues Man? Or straight-ahead rocker, as in the case of this album? Well, for my money, this is the real Gary Moore. Corridors is a blend of rockers and ballads, where every hook and every solo works superbly, reminding you of where Mr Moore’s roots really are, whether on self-penned weepies like Always Gonna Love You or the seriously heavy cover of Wishing Well. There are one or two gloriously over the top moments of fret-melting metallic axe indulgence too. But they’re done so damn well that I defy you not to love them. File it under Classic British Metal, and prepare to play it to death.

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