EMPYRIA: The Legacy CD Police Cover version: “Synchronicity II”. power/prog metal. Check samples


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[Wow! Most of you might just want to check this album out for Empyria’s cover of The Police’s “”Synchronicity II”” but boy is there a lot more going on here! I’d rank “”The Legacy”” right up there with Jacobs Dream’s s/t debut as “”from outta left field”” surprise hits of the power/prog metal world in 2000. The gist of this album is a continuous 25-minute song “”The Lighter Side Of Darkness,”” broken up into an intro and four main pieces. Parts of the song were previously released on other Empyria albums, but “”The Legacy”” has the whole thing newly recorded with the current lineup. The song(s) mix it up over the whole spectrum of power and progressive metal, including some Dream Theater-like schizophrenia, but not overly so. Part1 and Part2 of this mini-opus are brilliant and I declare them cult for every metalhead: a fascinating mixture of progpowermetal and progrock … kickin’ ass during one second, warm an ENCHANT-alike during the other. Very unique and simply great ! The production is crystal clear and guitarist Mike Kischnick shines, especially in “”The Grand Illusion (Another Side Of Darkness–Part II).”” Vocalist Phil Leite can scream with the best of ’em, as evidenced by the Rob Halford-like wails in “”Silent Rage”” (The Darkness Still Remains–Part III). Once the “”Darkness”” material concludes, the band adds a cool version of “”Synchronicity II”” that features heavier guitar and even a mosh part at the end (!), and an acoustic tune called “”Years Behind.”” After a minute a ghost track called–I’m guessing–“”Last Rites”” starts up. It’s more traditional metal than most of “”The Legacy””, with a classic riff and some aggression bookended by quieter, passages mighty powerful progressive melodic metal, blending the sounds of Rush, older Megadeth and Queensryche into a seemless sound sculpture to be admired.this CD has a length of 41 minutes plus.

1. Solace (intro)
2. The Lighter Side Of Darkness (Part I)
3. The Grand Illusion (Another Side Of Darkness -“ Part II)
4. Silent Rage (The Darkness Still Remains -“ Part III)
5. The Legacy (of Final Darkness -“ Part IV)
6. Synchronicity II
7. Years Behind (Bonus Acoustic Track)

(Currently “”Mike Kischnick”” plays guitar for the Legendary “”THOR””)”

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