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DRAGON CLAWS Vol.1: compilation CD with
Black Abyss (Power Metal – Deutschland)
Violation (- Death Metal – Deutschland),
Graveworm (melodic Gothic Death Metal – Italia),
Dispatched (melodic Black Death -Sweden),
Isegrim (infernal Black Metal – Deutschland),
Soul Demise (rythmic Death Metal – Deutschland),
Delayed Action Bomb-DAB (Death Metal-France),
Dethronement (Death/Thrash – Sweden),
Mystic Circle (Black-melodic/symphonic – Deutschland),
Dead Emotions (midtempo Death Metal – Deutschland),
Thornclad (thrash-Sweden),
Wizard (Melodic-Power Metal – Deutschland),
Morifade (Power /Thrash Sweden)
Steel Warrior (Epic Melodic Power – Brazil).

Band: V.A.
Album: Dragonclaws
Origin: —
Label: MEDUSA Productions [Dragon Design Compilation Cd]
Number: MP / DD 001
Format: CD
Category: different styles of Metal
Coverartwork: by DRAGON DESIGN
EAN code: no

A Compilation CD with 14 fantastic bands DRAGON DESIGN has drawn for, such as DISPATCHED, ISEGRIM, VIOLATION, SOUL DEMISE, MYSTIC CIRCLE, GRAVEWORM, WIZARD, BLACK ABYSS, D.A.B., DETHRONEMENT, DEAD EMOTIONS, MORIFADE, STEEL WARRIOR, THORNCLAD, incl. a booklet which shows released and unreleased drawings for them!!!

Year 2000
Time 66:26
Label Dragon Design
Country of Origin
Music Direction Metal: Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal
EAN-no. not available
Catalog no. MP / DD 001

First Black Abyss Eye Of The Storm 4:31
Second Violation Downfall 5:48
Third Graveworm Awaiting The Shining 3:52
4th Dispatched A Griffin Banner 5:01
5th Isegrim Rape Jesus Christ 5:46
6th Soul Demise Death Wish 3:44
7th DAB Vlad Tepes 5:34
8th Dethronement Towards Nothingness 3:15
9th Mystic Circle The Devil Stone 7:01
10th Dead Emotions Gates To The Unseen 4:17
11th Thornclad Written in Thoughts 5:16
12th Wizard Believe In Metal 3:55
13th Morifade Dragon Lord 4:36
14th Steel Warrior Son Of An Eagle 3:50

[Country: SID codes => France]
[SID code CD Master: IFPI L600]
[SID code stamping plant: IFPI 1A **]
[Matrix: LBR 02 SNA (press shop logo) ADVANT 20 025 04,200,009 SNA (press shop logo)]
[16 page booklet]

Black Abyss Eye Of The Storm


You can get this for free if you spend over £30 in ordering CDs.