DOUBLE CROSS: Time after time CD [melodic hard rock / A.O.R Bob Catley from Magnum sings in 2 songs] Check samples


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melodic hard rock / A.O.R Bob Catley from Magnum sings in 2 songs
Category: AOR/Hard Rock
Year: 2003
Label: TB Records
Catalog Number: TBCD0109

1. Reach Out
2. How Do We Know
3. Touch the Sun
4. When Two Worlds Collide
5. When We Were Young
6. Valley of the Kings
7. Don’t Walk Away
8. One Lonely Night/All My Days
9. My Heart Belongs to You
10. Only the Strong
11. Time After Time

Rick Chase lead vocals
Stephen Kelly guitars, backing vocals
Pete Lakin keyboards, backing vocals
Gareth Gaf Franks bass guitar, backing vocals
Steve Philpotts drums

studio album 12 tracks – TT 59:54
One of the albums that did really well in our poll of 2003 was this debut album of Double Cross, a UK based five piece melodic hard rock band, consisting of musicians with a wealth of experience, both in the studio and on stage! Double Cross was formed from the ashes of the Leicester-based hard rock band Liar, when guitar player Stephen Kelly and drummer Steve Philpotts were joined by keyboard player Pete Lakin and bass player Gareth Franks. This quartet then searched for a suitable vocalist and found Rick Chase, a seasoned professional. I still own a couple of Graffiti demos, and believe me that band (fronted by Chase) was really promising at the time. Double Cross is released by the small, Leicester-based TB Records, but don’t let that be a reason to overlook it, as I can easily recommend it to anyone who has a beating heart for British AOR/melodic rock. All songs were written by the nucleus of Lakin, Chase and Kelly (with help from Philpotts on two of them) and I couldn’t spot a weak track among them. They’re obviously influenced by Magnum (Bob Catley can be heard on two tracks), but who’s complaining about that when the quality is that good? Itâs difficult to indicate the best songs, as the quality is held high constantly. For the moment, my personal favourites are opener Reach Out, the semi-ballad When Two Worlds Collide and the rather adventurous Valley Of The Kings (with some Eastern influences thrown in for good measure). I consider Double Cross as of the best British bands that came to the surface since the new millennium started. Keeping in mind that AOR and MHR doesn’t mean that much these days, I reckon this is quite an achievement. Recommended!

Fantastic new English A.O.R band, with a hard-edged A.O.R sound. A real find, this band and one of the very best releases of 2003. Go for it, you may not miss this one !
Double Cross are a British melodic hard rock outfit whose music is the very definition of British melodic rock and AOR. This is a very enjoyable album for a number of reasons. The style of music is a hybrid of Dare, Ten and Pride, with their own signature style not forgotten. The band don’t deviate from the traditional style of delivery for UK melodic rock, but that guarantees instant attraction for fans of the style and the fact that it’s done very well indeed will only further their cause.
This is a great debut by the band and alongside Pride proves that British AOR is far from dead. The guys deliver a top quality album that shines as one of the best of it’s kind in recent memory. Although it’s been out for a little while now, I strongly recommend it to fans of traditional melodic rock. A solid production, some very memorable songs and a varied but consistent delivery are the backbones of this very good album.
Time after Time is a great debut album by Double Cross. I highly recommend the CD……….great songs, great production, an all around solid CD.
Time After Time is a Great Chunk of Melodic Power Rock with killer production,great playing, and Songs.
A smashing debut album, a little dash of Journey meets Europe with scorching guitar playing and some good old barn stormers in there. Has any body noticed the similar in rick’s singing too Europe’s joey tempest?
A group of great musicians with a fantastic sound and an excellently produced album, especially Valley of the Kings (killer track!)
That’s good quality a.o.r with a typical English vein. “”How do we know””is my fave. Good aor with lots of strong guitar riffs as an aor release(guitar work is excellent).The ballad “”When 2 worlds collide””is amazing.
Fantastic AOR/melodic hard rock is on offer here, it was one of the highlights in 2003 !
This is a little more AOR sounding than the likes of Ten. A well worthy investment. “”How Do We Know”” and “”When 2 Worlds Collide”” are top quality. Great harmony vocals means you won’t skip over even the weaker tracks
Excellent album, a real AOR-Melodic-Hardrock-Masterpiece!!! “”How do we know”” is the outstanding track here an even a perfect example for their brilliant songwriting…simply A MUST HAVE!!!!!

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