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Some mags called this a unique cross of traditional heavy metal & Gothic doom. In a playing time of 55 minutes the band manage to cover a lot of musical ground: bombastic powerhouse metal, symphonic, classical, string and violin arrangements and a load of Gothic mournful doom metal. The frontman’s voice is nice, and this is very good stuff however, just check out the ultimate mourners’ Your Cruel Thirst, Embrace and Divine Lust; this is heavy as ton of bricks, epic melodic doom at its finest. Scarlet Room Of Passion is another extra plus, a charming mellow classical piece. Divine Lusts debut is a disc that keeps getting better every time you listen to it, definitely the best act to come out of the Portuguese scene so far. Doomsters, metalists and fans of alternative stuff should investigate in this one

02. Alone In The Dark DIVINE LUST
03. Morrigan DIVINE LUST
04. Where Only The Weak Survive DIVINE LUST
06. Goddess Night DIVINE LUST
07. Your Cruel Thirst DIVINE LUST
08. Embrace DIVINE LUST
09. Scarlet Room Of Passion DIVINE LUST
10. Divine Lust (A Story Of A Bloody Passioned Desire) DIVINE LUST

Filipe Gonalves – Vocals & Guitars
Joao Costa – Drums & Keyboards
Jorge Fonte – Bass

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