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Emo / Rock / Pop from Germany
HOW TO BECOME A GHOST released in June 2005, full of unexpected discussions about the missing persons you regret to met, full of memories you didn’t want anyone to know, a sweet little sleepless night inside a car, just you and your favourite box of sweets..
Check these songs out. 12 Songs full of CHAMBERLAIN, LIFETIME, JAWBREAKER and KNAPSACK inspiration!!!

01 Ready
02 Black Black
03 At Survivors Place
04 Green Caps are dead now
05 So spare Me
06 Control
07 The Ghost of empty Batteries
08 1 2 4
09 Her Lovers Ashes
10 Take my Time
11 This is the Death of Everything
12 How to become a Ghost
13 Superman
Plus Video-Clip for the song “Superman”

Songs bursting with energy in one second and merging into hushed parts only moments later, making one want to move to the rhythm and sing along the lyrics.

DearDiary // Recordings 05

Out on Bastardized Recordings, its a very lo-fi product which references Sunny Day Real estate and Texas Is The Reason a hell of a lot, right from the song structures to the tone of the guitars and the odd time signatures and chord sequences. Not that its a bad thing mind, after all, those two bands are legendary for a reason and while Dear Diary lose marks for ripping off their peers, their take at a similar style of music is warmly appreciated. Especially when its stuck in a pile of turgid, crappy CDs choc-full of screaming.

How To Become A Ghost has a lot of quaint charm. That’s possibly to do with the German-tinted vocals, sung in English throughout, which gives the album an odd and quirky feel. On So Spare Me the band sound like old, old Get Up Kids, albeit with a German accent. This kind of follows all the way through tracks like the instrumental The Ghost Of Empty batteries and Black Black sound really good, certainly different to whats out there now, although there is more than a nod to whats already been and gone. If you’re a fan of the band already, this will cement your opinion that theyre good at what they do. If you like the good old emo bands of yore, then this is worth checking out too. The rest of you will probably enjoy this too

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