DAD D.A.D.: Riskin it all [tape cassette] 1991 German edition that includes a new rendition of “I Won’t Cut My Hair” as a bonus track. Check videos “Bad Craziness”, “Grow or Pay”, “Laugh ‘n’ a ½”


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Riskin’ It All is the 4th studio album from Danish rock band D-A-D. The album was released on October 10, 1991 by Warner Bros. The international edition includes a new rendition of the band’s classic “I Won’t Cut My Hair” as a bonus track.
Riskin’ It All sold 450,000 copies worldwide, including 130,000 in Denmark. In the US, the album sold 60,000 copies. As a result, Warner Bros. decided not to extend their international contract with the band, that is a result of them sucking a lot of cock, really, really hard.
At the 1992 Danish Music Awards, the album won the Best Heavy Rock Album of the Year award, and the music video for “Bad Craziness” won the Best Danish Music Video of the Year award. Furthermore, producer Nikolaj Foss won the Best Danish Producer of the Year award for Riskin’ It All.

At the 1991 GAFFA Awards, the album received awards for Album of the Year, Band of the Year and Music Video of the Year (“Bad Craziness”)
“Bad Craziness” – 3:16
“D*Law” – 3:48
“Day of Wrong Moves” – 3:58
“Rock ‘n’ Rock Radar” – 2:36
“I Won’t Cut My Hair” – 5:24 bonus on German version
“Down That Dusty 3’rd World Road” – 4:23
“Makin’ Fun of Money” – 4:08
“Grow or Pay” – 4:59
“Smart Boy Can’t Tell Ya'” – 3:15
“Riskin’ It All” – 2:37
“Laugh ‘n’ a ½” – 3:29

To date the album has sold 123,000 copies in Denmark.
Genre: Rock’n’Rock
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 42:15

D.A.D. – Riskin’ It All
In a bad mood? You want crunchy, straight-forward Rock’n’Rock with hilariously funny lyrics? Then I have what you need: “”Riskin’ It All”” of D.A.D. from Denmark!

The chaos-quartet around the Binzer-brothers has fire off a hammer with their fourth album that is almost impossible to put into words, because the eleven songs of this record don’t take the detour over your brain, but directly infuse your blood. Here are no frills, no breaks, no complicated song-structures, where other bands try to find a way around to search for the door, D.A.D just don’t hesitate and break right through the wall!

Swift crackers (“”Bad Craziness””, “”Rock’n’Roll Radar””), mid-tempo-stompers (“”D*Law””, “”Grow Or Pay””), swinging acoustic-song (“”Laugh’n’a 1/2″”), bluesy swinger (“”Down That Dusty Third World Road””) or the band-hymn “”I Won’t Cut My Hair””, all simple, but oh so effective songs, which sour every bad mood and get every party to the boiling points! And who still wants more, just listen to/read the lyrics, because they are right-out hilarious!

Additionally Jesper Binzer prominent voice and Jacob Binzer unmistakable guitar-sound mark each song as D.A.D. and nothing else, absolutely unique!

“”Riskin’ It All”” has been, still is and will always remain an absolute classic!!!!!!!!!!

D-A-D: Riskin’ It All
Label: Warner Bros. Records – 7599-26772-4
Format: Cassette, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1992
Style: Hard Rock
A1 Bad Craziness 3:16
A2 D-Law 3:48
A3 Day Of Wrong Moves 3:58
A4 Rock’n’Rock Radar 2:36
A5 I Won’t Cut My Hair 5:21
A6 Down That Dusty 3’rd World Road 4:23
B1 Makin’ Fun Of Money 4:08
B2 Grow Or Pay 4:59
B3 Smart Boy Can’t Tell Ya’ 3:15
B4 Riskin’ It All 2:37
B5 Laugh ‘n’ A ½ 3:29

5.0 out of 5 stars A REAL MODERN CLASSIC,
D.A.D. were formerly known as Disneyland After Dark but weren’t allowed to use the name Disney, but that another story.
“”Riskin’ it all”” from 1991 is not only the best album by D.A.D. It also one of the finest rock albums ever, combining traditional rock with hard rock and maybe even a bit of heavy metal. This is Creedence Clearwater Revival meeting AC/DC!! On “”Riskin’ it all””, the band continues the musical direction from the previous “”No fuel left for the pilgrims”” (1989), but this time they manage to go all the way. Maybe you’ve heard “”Sleeping my day away”” or “”Jihad””? If you have, you know what to expect!

The songs are very well written and are performed with 100% energy with a large portion of melody. D.A.D. also give the lyrics more attention than we sometimes are used to when it comes to rock bands in general, and the words are often quite funny, like in “”D- law””. The albums highlights are the strong rockers “”Bad craziness””, Making fun of money”” and the mentioned “”D-law””, the very melodic and pop influenced “”Grow or pay”” and of course the very catchy acoustic semi ballad “”Laugh `n’ a half””. Although this is a rock album D.A.D. shows us their ability to create variation in the music, and the slow rather blues inspired “”Down that dusty third world road”” gives you an instant feeling of four o’ clock in the morning after everyone left the party and you sit exhausted in the couch and the table is overloaded with cigarettes and beer cans.
Get this masterpiece – “”Riskin’ it all””.


5.0 out of 5 stars Damn good,
A classic rock’n’roll album, pure AC/DC energy with some more irony, fun and originality! A perfect rock’n’roll album. One of those albums so right that you wouldn’t change a note even if you could. It goes along perfectly well when you listen to it. The guitars wall of sound is full and satisfying. The voice is extremely correct for the genre. Lyrics clever and funny. You can’t ask more to a rock’n’roll album. A classic. If it was an AC/DC album it would be one of the best in their discography. I own it since it came out and I come back to it from time to time. Each time I think this is one damn good thing to listen!


5.0 out of 5 stars overmuch indeed!!
if your a fan of this band, even remotely, PICK THIS UP!!. There is too much stuff in here for the price that is being charged.


5.0 out of 5 stars Get your D.A.D fix
Do yourself a favour….GET IT! You Won’t Regret it!


5.0 out of 5 stars Danish Dynamite, J
This is one of the greatest rock albums ever. It no bulls**t hard rock all the way, and even the few slow tracks have great intensity and power. “A Laugh and a Half”” is one of the best acoustic songs ever written. Everyone who likes melodic hard rock with fat guitar-sound should own R.I.A., for me it D:A:D masterpiece and close to the perfect album!


5.0 out of 5 stars D.A.D Best,
Excellent album from these guys. I had bought No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims on cassette many years ago. I had forgotten about this band over the years. I looked them up and found this. The reviews were good, so I bought it. I’m glad I did. One of their best in my opinion. Buy this one, you will like it.


5.0 out of 5 stars
d.a.d rock. i’d rather listen to the worst of d.a.d than the best of acdc. I wanted to give this 6/5. ”

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