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Historic first ever recording from the leaders of N.Y Hardcore a crossover sensation, appealing both to the tried-and-true punk and hardcore crowd, as well as folks from the metal camp. Case in point, Motorhead elected to take the Cro-Mags on the road with them during the tour for this album. The sounds was brutal, caustic, honest, uncompromising, and musically engaging. Before the Quarrel brings the band’s highly sought after early demo tracks into the light of day. Essentially little more than raw versions of the album proper, Before the Quarrel nonetheless proves a worthy companion to Age of Quarrel, and a must have for diehards.

This is the 1985 demo before Age of the Quarrel. It was re-released in 2000 on CD.

01) World Peace
02) By Myself
03) Show You No Mercy
04) Malfunction
05) Hard Times
06) Sign of the Times
07) Don’t Tread on Me
08) Face the Facts
09) It’s the Limit
10) Life of my Own
11) Survival of the Streets
12) Everybody’s Gonna Die
13) Dub


5.0 out of 5 stars The ONLY essential Cro-Mags recordings for harcore punk fans…
The CRO-MAGS are the ULTIMATE case of a band who totally blew their load and peaked on their first trip into the studio. The CRO-MAGS entered the studio in late-’84 and early ’85 to lay down demo versions of the songs which would later comprise their debut LP the “”Age of Quarrel”” released in 1986. Only one problem. These “”demo”” versions absolutely make the later LP versions of the songs sound like weak imitations. “”Before the Quarrel”” captures a band totally rip-roaring and ready to record, and hence these 13 tunes explode with the anger, speed, and power which typified the American hardcore scene from ’78-’85 or so. So if you’re a hardcore punk fanatic and are interested in checking out the CRO-MAGS this CD IS ALL YOU NEED!!! Truly one of the best demos in hardcore history. If you’re a total NYC hardcore freak then you’re probably going to despise the sentiments I’ve just expressed and want to move on and pick up all the later CRO-MAGS material. But for those of us into American harcore punk like Negative Approach, early-Black Flag, DRI, MDC, Crucifix, YDI, The Fix, SS Decontrol, F.U.’s, Poison Idea, Minor Threat, Void, Siege, etc., etc., then “”Before the Quarrel”” is really the only CRO-MAGS recording which absolutely MUST be a part of your collection. Let me put it to you this way. I’m no fan of the CRO-MAGS (or much of the later NYC scene stuff), but the demo session captured on “”Before the Quarrel”” is devastatingly powerful late-era American hardcore and aside from Agnostic Front’s EARLY output, probably NYC’s finest contribution to the American hardcore legacy…
5.0 out of 5 stars how a legend begins…,
This band was, at that time, great. ‘Before the quarrel’, even if not as amazing as ‘the age of quarrel’, their first official album, represents what hardcore or simply rock’n roll should ever be : rebellion without a pause!
I bought the original tape and like many other fans in NYC was not happy with the mixing on the record. I am so pleased that this is now on CD.
I went to school with a couple of the band-members and it was explained to me that this was NOT a demo and was supposed to be their first album but either they didn’t have the money to press the album, or the recording levels were not right for the record. Either way its the best of their stuff. and in my opinion the best to come out of NY/HC. Better executed than Agnostic Front’s Victim in Pain with a more scope intellectually (I know its a bad word in Hardcore but f*ck its 20 years later man) Its not just songs just about “”the street.”” or reactionary political statements in favor of or against the long-gone Reagan Administration (I love “”World Peace””)
I’d like to point out that Macky who was the drummer on these recordings but not pictured on the CD cover was also the best and most talented HC drummer to play at CBs and in the NY scene.
5.0 out of 5 stars some thoughts…,
This IS indeed the original Age of Quarrel. Back in 85 or 84 when i was a teenage skin, I bought a tape from John Joseph for $5 at CB’s. It was labelled as Age of Quarrel (on cro-mag-non records) and this CD is of that very tape. I’m not sure if it was a demo or not but it certainly isn’t the same stuff which would be released as the Age of Quarrel LP a few years later on Profile records.
I’ve always preferred the mixing on the tape as opposed to the LP, it had a much heavier thrash sound more reminiscent of how they sounded live rather than the metallic sound they grew into.

John Joseph’s vocals are really intense on this as opposed to the LP where he seems muddled underneath all the guitar work.

(btw, as far as the dispute over who started speedmetal. it was Leeway. it was all their fault. they had their “”enforcer”” demo tape circulating throughtout New York back in 1983 i believe. blame them)
5.0 out of 5 stars Where it all began!!!,
Well, since the previous reviewer tried to get snobby on the guy before him…I’ll return the favor! Actually mister know-it-all of hardcore history, if you weren’t 19 years old doing your junior thesis on NYHC in the eighties and instead actually lived thru the time period, you would have your facts straight! This recording is actually the demo cassette that was on the streets (and in every kids walkman!) a good two years before the album was released! Everyone had it, traded it, and the cro-mags legend began…it was way heavier than anything else at the time, seeing as this was the same time as Agnostic Front’s Victim in pain! They didn’t turn the metal influence up until two years later on the Cause for alarm lp. These recordings are a crucial must for any diehard NYHC fan…and most definitly one of the most influential recordings in NYHC history!
5.0 out of 5 stars CROMAGS
Cromags! Nuff’ said. By many standards, these guys were the founders of the NY Hardcore scene and this 1st release truly defines the band. 13 tracks of original tunes and unmatched style. This CD was the 1st to creatively combine punk with metal..which became “”Hardcore””. If there’s one album in the entire history of Hardcore to own, this is it. To this day, no band has been able to duplicate this bands style. John’s vocals are totally original, totally unique, totally insane. The bands music simply cant be copied. BEFORE THE QUARREL comes with a huge insert packed with photos and band history. The CD is worth buying for the music alone, the added insert only increases its value. Get this CD! Hear where it all comes from.”

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