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Recommended if You Like: David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd

CRANKCALLER has grasped the value of simplicity with this collection of intense songs. Forceful rock elements and at times tripped-out melodic interludes happen for all the right reasons. Its both the “now” and the “futuristic” sounds that make CRANKCALLER truly timeless. You will find intriguing lyrics and concepts, atmospheric sampling and a dirty rock sound: That you will yearn for late at night when the world deceptively appears to fall asleep. The uneasy, sweaty, clinging heat that this album can exude is exciting yet deeply unsettling. The record opens with the wah laden look at a shifting world; “Altogether Darker World”. With its childlike & innocent chorus it is quite unnerving and ultimately very powerful. It is jarringly followed by the upbeat hooks of “Underdog” a song that takes a look at the guy who experiences more than his share of bad luck and missed chances. Crankcaller blends old school sleazy vocal styles with technology to create a fabulously dark and unique sound. The best example of this union is the incredible track; “High Frequency”; the most exciting & challenging high point on the album. The uncanny sounding chorus of “Burn Baby Burn” once again demonstrates a good mix of styles and ideas that this record is littered with. “I Am Vampire” is fascinating lyrically. It is hard to find original concepts for songs these days so when one man can accomplish a whole album without any recycled ideas or concepts lyrically then it is marvellous. Lines like; “You found blood on that shirt I had on, I told you I helped someone that got shot, but I am a liar, I am vampire” keenly explore the obvious secrecy and deceit that is necessary to play out that existence. The country and western tinged acoustic rock of “Thirsty” is a fun look at love, coming together like a teenage couple in its sublimely catchy chorus; awkward, yet satisfying. This is in direct contrast to the high energy, tense riffs and structure of; “Crazy Busy” “Draw a bath, fill it up, stay in your clothes, get in the tub”. “Ghetto Bird” represents yet another interesting concept song with its surreal yet militaristic samples and an intense sound that is so powerful and pulsing. This record is phenomenally original and intricate in its apparent simplicity. With songs such as “High Frequency” & “Ghetto Bird” in its arsenal there is real power and conviction behind the “thinking out of the box” lyrics and entrancing ideas that are put forth. A fine record that will potentially change the way you think and feel about music. I can only see this artist improving as he hones his unique and stirring styles.
Songs: 1. Altogether Darker World 2. underdog 3. High Frequency 4. Burn Baby Burn 5. I am vampire 6. Thirsty 7. Crazy Busy 8. Ghetto Bird 9. Damage Control 10. Outskirts of town 11. Lets have another drink 12. 4 seconds 13. I am vampire (Live)

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