CRAAFT: Second Honeymoon LP 1988 with inner. German quality Melodic Hard Rock. A la Bonfire, Scorpions, Silent Rage, Europe, Bon Jovi. Check videos.


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Category: Melodic Hard Rock
Year: 1988
Label: BMG (Germany)
Catalog Number: PD 71826

Klaus Luley guitars, lead vocals, bass
Franz Keil backing vocals, keyboards
Marcus Schleicher backing vocals, guitars
Thommy Schneider drums

1. Run Away 4:51
2. Twisted All Up Inside 3:58
3. Chance of Your Life 4:28
4. Jane 4:20
5. Gimme What You Got 3:29
6. Running on Love 4:40
7. Hey Babe 4:32
8. Illusions 5:03
9. Don’t You Know What Love Can Be 4:47
10. Are You Ready to Rock 4:35  or    or

5 out of 5 stars The best AOR band you never heard of!!!!!!

Craaft were a melodic German hard rock/ AOR band that was relatively obscure outside of their home country. The band appeared on my radar after their video for the song “Jane” appeared on MTV’s Hard 30 back in the 80s. Being that the song itself didn’t exactly blow me away, I quickly forgot about the band until a few years ago. Since these types of releases are few and far between these days, I picked up Craaft’s second album “Second Honeymoon,” and I’m really glad I did.

“Second Honeymoon” is a album that is filled to the brim with outstanding melodically infused hook driven hard rock. Nearly every song on “Second Honeymoon” sounds as if it could of been a MTV hit back in the mid 80s. With the band being from Germany, of course there is the expected Scorpions influence, but there is also a strong American AOR influence to the band’s sound. This album makes a immediate impact with it’s huge choruses and standard song structuring. I strongly recommend “Second Honeymoon” to anyone who is a fan of band like the Scorpions, Silent Rage, Europe and Bon Jovi.

Craaft toughen their sound and back off on the keyboards for their second album. The approach proves successful, despite obvious comparisons to Bonfire or the Scorpions. “Jane” is a particular highlight: an absolutely MONSTER ballad that should have been a hit!
A good melodic rock band with catchy harmonies & hooks. Nice guitar solos compliment the songs. The guitars are great here as well as the melodies. Illusions is my favorite track. One of the best Hard rock releases to come out of Germany. Huge arrangements, catchy choruses and the super ballad ‘ Jane’ and the Steaming heavy AOR of ‘Runaway’ & ‘Gimme What You Got. Bloody marvellous!!!
a great time for Germany. This is an example of how a product made just for German domestic market, can have an international level. unfortunately the support of the label at the time was near to zero outside Germany.
a German rock tricks just kicks.or the band Roko. For me this is their best album. A touch rockier, but still a load of keys and big choruses that’s very similar (although still not quite as heavy) as ROKOs. “Running On Love” is huge, great keyboard intro and probably the best track. “Jane” is pretty close behind though. Excellent LP.
“Gimme what you got” is a killer tune and “Run away” is just a melodic rock gem. These German guys know how 2 rock !! Awesome LP i think. 9/10
My favourite tracks are “Run away”, “Jane” & “Running on love”. “Jane” seems to be an clear rip off from Bostons “Amanda”. Tracks 1 & 6 are high-pitched and interesting in song structure.


CRAAFT: I Wanna Look In Your Eyes 12″ (Extended Remix)

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