Classic vintage executive deluxe BBC suit carrier. Rare, high quality travel bag with BBC logo


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vintage executive deluxe BBC suit carrier. Ultra limited & rare high quality travel bag

will comfortably carry suit plus (ironed) shirts,

large pocket (outside) and pockets inside. (You could potentially fit a laptop / Kindle / tablet / notebook / magazines or books in one of the pockets)

Dimensions (closed): 20 X 23.5 inches or 60 x 50cm

Dimensions (open): 40 X 23.5 inches or 60 x 100cm [folds in half for easy transport].

With nothing inside depth is approximately 7cm

Colour: Black

Adjustable and removable shoulder strap with strong clasps

Padded carry handle, very comfortable if you chose to hold in your hands.

Front external pocket with the famous BBC logo: 17 X 13.5 inches or 33 x 43cm

Internal “accessories” zippered pocket: 16 X 16 inches or 41 x 41cm

Large strong zippers

Velcro on the inside surface

Full length zippered closure to protect garments in transit

small internal hook + external additional (hidden) hook provided (hidden at the bottom surface, has a Velcro to hold the hook…very elegant and sophisticated indeed, great attention to detail from the manufacturer, unique future)

Two big clasps from each side (one on the left side one on the right side), to make it look neat if packed with items.

As in general this is a great one off, unique, quality item. Lots of attention was given to details 😉