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Songs :
1. Higher Prelude
2. Everythingâs Alright
3. Iâm On Fire
4. Supernatural Rain
5. Coming Closer
6. I Live For Jesus
7. Praise Him
8. Rain
9. Higher
10. House for the Heavens
11. My Dreams
12. My King
13. Everybody Praise

A host of fine worship leaders assist on this latest offering from Sydney’s Christian City Church – as many as three on one song – but main vocalist throughout is Chris O’Brien, who previously spent 5 years in New York as a professional songwriter and as Music Director at CCC Long Island. He acts as main composer on this set of new tunes too, sometimes in tandem with other budding writers.

The music, as you’d expect from an Aussie mega-church with a music dept. of 250 people which seeks excellence in every worship expression, is indeed of a ‘higher’ class – and exuberance of spirit simply leaps out of the speakers from word ‘go’. Hence the upbeat and optimistic note of the beautiful ‘Everything’s alright’ and ensuing tracks. The ‘Praise Him’ chorus takes on a gospel feel – powerfully ministered by the adept vocal force of the huge Higher choir, while only here and there is a gentler note rendered – as on the moving ‘Coming closer’. More subdued too is the simply effective ‘Rain’, originating from the church’s masterful Prayerworks team, in great contrast to the excellent gutsy rock-worship of ‘My King’, on which the church’s energetic youth group are delightfully let loose!

Some rootsy ‘blues harp’ features on one track, cello on another, while stunning sax, trombone and piano sounds shine impressively on the amazing 11-minute jazzy Latino rhythms of ‘Everybody praise’! Perhaps too loud / triumphalistic for some, there’s no doubting the musical diversity on this disc will ensure it provides something of appeal to virtually every worshipper. For here is music with intention and sure effect of helping lift you up – to a Higher place.

Review by tom lennie – July 2002

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