CANDLEMASS: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 2CD + live 1988 CD (with Black Sabbath medley). fully SIGNED Autographed


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Studio album by Candlemass
Released: June 10, 1986
Recorded: 1986
Genre: Doom metal
Length: 43:03
Label: Powerline Records
Producer: Candlemass & Ragne Wahlquist

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is the debut album of the Swedish Doom metal band Candlemass, released June 10, 1986 on Black Dragon Records. The album title Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is a Dog Latin rendering of “Epic Doom Metal”, the genre with which the band is most commonly identified.
All songs written by Leif Edling.
The song “Demons Gate” is based on the 1981 film, The Beyond.
“Solitude” 5:37
“Demons Gate” 9:12
“Crystal Ball” 5:23
“Black Stone Wielder” 7:36
“Under the Oak” 6:56
“A Sorcerers Pledge” 8:12

+ Bonus live CD tracks Recorded live in Birmingham, March 1988:
The Well of Souls 7:25
Demons Gate 9:02
Crystal Ball 5:18
Solitude 6:25
Bewitched 6:24
A Sorcerers Pledge 10:53
Black Sabbath Medley 6:12


Leif Edling – bass guitar
Mats Björkman – rhythm guitar
Mats Ekström – drums
Johan Längqvist – vocals
Klas Bergwall – lead guitar

Cille Svenson – additional vocals on “A Sorcerers Pledge”
During the mid-80s, the European heavy metal scene was dominated by countless thrash, death, and black metal bands playing at breakneck speeds and screaming in a high-pitched frenzy. So when Candlemass released their debut, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in 1986, its songs (featuring slow, lumbering riffs straight out of the Black Sabbath handbook and vocals delivered in a baritone, operatic style) offered up a stylistic curve ball of shocking proportions. After disposing of its deceptively optimistic introductory acoustic guitar, opener “Solitude” develops into a complete monster, replete with lyrics of suicidal depression and churning with the most colossal, down-tuned guitar riff since Sabbaths “Iron Man.” And thats just the beginning, as succeeding tracks “Demons Gate,” “Crystal Ball,” and “Under the Oak” (later re-recorded for the bands fourth album Tales of Creation) trudge by with deliberate, immutable doom. A pillar of classic ’80s metal, this album will satisfy all doomsters.


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