C3 (Christian City Church Oxford Falls): Prophesy (Live) Live Praise and Worship CD. Christian & Gospel. Check samples.


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Prophesy (Live) is one of the gorgeous album of C3 (Christian City Church Oxford Falls). Album’s primary genre is Christian & Gospel, it was released on 01 Sep, 2001 and contains 14 tracks of duration 01 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds with a soft, smooth, and pleasant sound.

SAMPLES: https://www.emp3z.com/album/297416993/prophesy-live.html

C3 (Christian City Church Oxford Falls)

2001 – 14 songs
1 We Come to Lift
2 Prophesy
3 I’m Gonna Praise Your Name
4 I Will Magnify You
5 Just One Touch
6 Find Me At the Cross
7 I’m In Awe
8 Gotta Give Him the Glory
9 Prelude
10 Shout All the Earth
11 I Can Hear the Heavens Sing
12 Glory to the King
13 I’m Building Your House
14 Let’s Go Up



Excellent album!

Wow! Haven’t heard this album in a while! Great worship music. These songs are original and have great melodies.

Now here’s something! Dynamic Australian worship and it’s not Hillsong! A live worship CD that captures a huge amount of energy whilst managing to avoid any unnecessary hype. This is actually a groovier approach than Hillsong so you get some stonking stuff here including the title cut, written by main worship leader Chris O’Brien. “I’m Gonna Praise Your Name” is good and funky, blasts of horns and soulful vocals – WOW, a praise record that you really CAN dance to! Every now and again you get some huge drumbeats as a massive team of drummers lets loose and the whole thing is suddenly magnificent. There are other worship leaders too so you get to be inspired by the smokin’ vocals of Katya Winspear who would give Kate Miner and Rita Springer a run for their money, and the gentler approach of Christie Moussa. Everything that a worship record should be! Uplifting when it’s upbeat and inspiring when it’s downbeat!

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