BUMP N UGLIES: The Finer Things In Life CD street punk. 17 songs “Proud Mary”. Check live videos


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BUMP N UGLIES: The Finer Things In Life

The Bump-n-Uglies take the whole rock and wrestling concept to a new level. Part of their live show includes: various chair shots thrown, broken tables and guys busted wide open with the blood flowin’ freely. This new CD by one of Detroit’s most important rock outfits is a hugely winning affair that will leave you spent and exhausted. This is a great CD and worth every penny]


1 First Pig To The Trought
2 3 Sides
3 Deff Jeff 1
4 Piss Mint
5 King Of The Iron Rungs
6 Diary Of A Madman
7 I Smell A Rat
8 Bomb Diggity
9 Walkin’ The Plank
10 Deff Jeff 2
11 Fat, Loud & Drunk
12 Drinkin’ Beer
13 Legend Of Mick Foley
14 Inter-Species Swinger
15 Proud Mary
The Bump-N-Uglies – Proud Mary 1st

The Bump-N-Uglies – Proud Mary 2nd