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The Hull based Rock act BULLETS FOR TEETH formed in September 2003. Playing the local live scene and writing new material at every opportunity the band entered the recording studio to record their first four track demo CD, rich post-grunge in the vein of Staind [American rock band formed in Springfield, Massachusetts] and Alter Bridge.

The demo saw great response as the band continued to perfect their live set. Known for there extreme antics on and off stage, BULLETS FOR TEETH then started looking for another opportunity the raise their profile. It wasn’t long after sending out demos that Copro Records/Casket Music gave them that opportunity. Work then began on their debut album at Philia Studios in Henley-on-Thames (Earthtone9, Stampin Ground, The Hurt Process etc). Produced By the incredible Pete Brown (George Harrison, Anathema, Fony etc), the album soon saw the definitive rock sound which was required. Soaring guitar riffs and grooves along with catchy choruses add to the well structured songs making their debut a star product

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