BLACKFOOT: Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot LP 1987 For Blackfoot fans + A.O.R fans. Check samples


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BLACKFOOT: Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot LP A.o.r
Year: 1987
It has good songs and it’s all played by some of the finest pickers. It’s just not very Southern anymore. On this release, Rickey had himself accompanied by Mother’s Finest bassist Jerry “”Wizzard”” Seay, his brother Harold Seay on drums and keyboard player Doug Bare (all of which played on the Mother’s Finest album “”One Mother To Another””. They do a fine cover version of the Mother’s Finest track “”Rock ‘n’ Roll 2 Nite”” (from the “”Iron Age”” record). And there’s the somewhat odd choice of covering Dutch rock and roller Herman Brood’s “”Saturday Night””. Ah, what the heck. Just give it a spin. Steady Rockin’.

Rick Medlocke Vocals, Guitar
Wizzard Bass
Doug “”Bingo”” Bare Keyboards
Harold Seay Drums, Percussion
Liz Larin Duet On “”Closest Thing To Heaven””
Ben Grosse Keyboards
Mark Woerpel Guitar Synthesizer

1. Back On The Streets
2. Saturday Night [Herman Brood cover]
3. Closest Thing To Heaven
4. Silent Type
5. Reckless Boy
6. Private Life
7. Liar [Russ Ballard penned & used by Graham Bonnet on a 7″” single release]

GRAHAM BONNET: Liar 7″ + Bad Days are gone (unreleased elsewhere song!) 1981 RAINBOW, MSG, ALCATRAZZ singer. Plus 3 Whitesnake / Deep Purple members. Check audio

8. Steady Rockin
9. My Wild Romance
10. Rock N Roll Tonight originally by Mother’s Finest.

Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot – Closest Thing to Heaven

Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot Rock N Roll Tonight

Very different side of Blackfoot this one,more AOR than southern rock. Medlocke’s vocals are in fine form & does a particularly nice duet with Liz Larin. Guitar from Wizzard of Mothers Finest fame (I believe its his brother on drums) is as good as you would expect from the guy who played/plays in the greatest funk/rock band ever! Not a perfect album,and maybe not one that’s gonna appeal to all Blackfoot fans, but AOR fans should be pleased with this one!
5.0 out of 5 stars Not aiming to please….those 70’s S.R. enthusiasts,
…but then should it…..for those venerable diehard southern rocker fans….this wont hardly change your already set in stone mindsets about the 70’s Blackfoot…so stop right here…and who cares….but WHAT does matter….is that release is another welcome change from that horrid repetitive driven into the ground schlock all those bands -Skynard Hatchet et all were known in their so called ‘heyday’…confederate flags and all…..

…..Solo release…hardly….quite a cohesive collaboration with the likes of some of the best under-appreciated musicians whose talents were shamefully O-V-E-R-S-H-A-D-O-W-E-D by those shoved down the throats of f.m. radioland -in particular WYZZARD, the mighty fine bassist from Mothers Finest, his can-bashing bro’ Harold Seay and keys man extrodinaire Doug Bare from Whiteface.

That says enuf right dere….

….as for the music…..very little ‘production’ as sorely misunderstood by those who have ‘benchmarked’ the band’s sound by their treacherous balls to the walls 70’s aura ….. Keep in mind , a little ‘gate’ on snare hardly qualifies (listen to the Hughes Thrall Band from 82-now THATS production!

The comps…so whats wrong with good strong song ‘hooks???!!!’ ‘Private Life’ ‘Silent Type’ ‘My Wild Romance’ All three complimented by a solid rhythm section and crafty 88’s texture. And the superb rendition of the 1969 ARGENT/RUSS BALLARD written romp, ‘Liar’ adds lotsa of tasty icing to the cake (already there)

No apologies needed for those who loathe keyboards……

BTW- as for the albums front cover, think that Rick hadnt really copped the David Lee Roth look….mebbes the other way around…but then Jim Dandy, Magnum had it down originally back in 1970….ooops…..regardless this record gets 5 stars.

Beats listening to High Tide and Green Grass, Gimme Three Steps Flirtin With Disaster and yeah Highway Song….

(Ohhh…You Cant Control Her….No Way To Hold Her….She Does Anything She Wants….Ohhh My Wild Romance – whether it was a single or not…its good stuff….ooh la la….)
5.0 out of 5 stars Medlocke Music !!,
One look at Ricky Medlocke on the front cover and you know your in for some serious Medlocke Music !! He has one of the best blues rock voice’s in the business. This is really a solo effort on the part of Rick Medlocke rather than a bona fide piece of work by Blackfoot. Whether we agree or not Rick has paid his dues and deserves the right to call this a Blackfoot album.
Even though no other original members of Blackfoot are involved in this recording it is still Blackfoot.
A very creative mix of style going on. Keyboards and female background vocals help to define the musical message we hear.
The sound is awesome !! Clear and precise. I cannot understand the poor ratings. I like it when an artist decides to branch out and spread his wings. It shows how creative and versatile that artist can be without sacrificing the quality of the music. Die hard Blackfoot fans need to be more open minded. Rick and the new guys do an excellent job of expressing themselves through SSF, {SUBSTANCE,STYLE,FEELING}.
We get a surprising blend of musical influences from all the musicians involved.
A few favorites of mine are:
“”Back On The Streets”” “”Saturday Night”” “”Silent Type””
“”Closest Thing To Heaven”” {a beautiful song about a mans Love,Respect and appreciation for the woman in his life}.
“”Steady Rockin”” and “”Rock n Roll Tonight””
Rick Medlocke is a solid vocalist and Guitarist who gives a solid performance. He’s a little different than were used to and this album is a little different than were used to. “”But”” when the two come together it makes for an enjoyable listening experience. Don’t believe those poor reviews. Give this one a try. Fast fact: Ricky Medlocke was an early member of Lynyrd Skynyrd. He co-wrote 4 songs and sang lead vocals on 2 of the songs from their album titled First And Last. He also played guitar for many of the bands he was in prior to Blackfoot.
5.0 out of 5 stars No Blackfoot here! but Medlocke still rocks!,
ok it’s not Blackfoot but Medlocke still sings and plays great. It’s not as good as Siogo which I feel it’s brilliant and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The
only thing is the slick production and too much keyboards but overall the songs are great. Back on the streets, Reckless Boy, Steady Rockin, My Wild Romance and Rock n’
Roll Tonight are all Blackfoot type rockers. The other songs are more 80’s type songs and I guess they were looking for a hit single. I think it’s a good album and worth a listen for any Blackfoot or 80’s music fan.

Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot – Liar



Rock N’ Roll tonite was originally by Mother’s Finest. First release by Mother’s Finest (1981)


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