BLACK WIDOW: Satan’s Playground CD. private release. Incredible true old school Heavy Metal with super female vocals. Check sample


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Band: Black Widow
Album: Satans Playground
Type: Studio
Release date: 2003
Label : Jab Productions
Genre: Power Metal
Running time 01:05:35

Cat – Vocals
John Anthony – Guitars, Piano
Dean Meredith – Bass
Tommy Azzinaro – Drums

1. Black Widow Black Sunshine (6:34)
2. Black Widow Silent Scream (5:50)
3. Ends of the Earth (5:03)
4. BlackJack (5:21)
5. Now Its Over (2:50)
6. Satans Playground (7:57)
7. Brain Damage (5:05)
8. Winds of Fire (6:01)
9. You’re Guilty (4:29)
10. The Unknown (4:05)
11. Night Chills (5:15)
12. Heavy Metal Warrior (7:05)

Who wrote the lyrics / what they are about?
“Black Sunshine” (written by Johnny) – about the direction we’re heading, if we don’t get our shit together;
“Silent Scream” (written by Johnny);
“Ends Of The Earth” (written by Cat) – about a promise made to all of us;
“Blackjack” (written by Johnny) – about getting taken advantage of;
“Now Its Over” (written by Johnny) – dedicated to his first wife, Sharon, who passed away;
“Satans Playground” (written by Johnny) – about Satan having a field day with us;
“Brain Damage” (written by Cat) – dedicated to Johnny;
“Winds Of Fire” (written by Cat) – another “warning” song – perfect for getting on your motorcycle and riding;
“You’re Guilty” (written by Cat) – “You committed Rock and Roll!” ;
“The Unknown” (written by Cat) – “Love never dies…”;
“Night Chills” (written by Johnny) – facing personal night terrors;
“Heavy Metal Warrior” (written by Johnny) – dedicated to all the Heavy Metal Keepers of the Faith!


Totally kick major ass!
Its too bad that the stars cant go past 5! I saw these guys live and I had to get their cd. I love their stage performance and the music its self! I like the chorus to “Black Jack” and “Satans Playground” – I sing along with Cat everytime I hear them. “Now its over” is just amazing! “Ends of the Earth”, “Black Sunshine”, “You’re Guilty” … what the hell, All of them ROCK! Cat and co. are so great to their fans… They rock and I love ’em all!

I love them!!!
The band is great!! I saw them opening up for WASP @ Jaxx and I loved there music!!! Plus… Crushin’ on Johnny!! So I had to get there cd, rocks as much as they do!

it is kickass metal
The singer cat is very strong as well as out going just as the rest of the band and on top of that they realy love there fans and show all the time. I know i got a tattoo for them.

Heavy, creative, & excellent
Such variety & power. A rare find in todays music world! Don’t miss this CD! BUY IT!

You cannot escape the claws of this mighty new heavy metal monster from Maryland
Does anybody still remember a band called ICRIS WITCH? Well, a few people probably will, and they will also cherish some good memories about their album In For The Kill. BLACK WIDOW reminds me a lot of this band, because the voice of singer Cat shows a lot of resemblance with good old Stacey Adler on that album. Musically, both bands lean into the same direction. Heavy metal, with a certain old good spirit, that you just cant deny. This debut album is a must for every devoted old school metalhead, that is into bands like Y&T, SAXON, GREAT WHITE, DOKKEN and DIO. The four spiders on this very promising debut album are Dean Meredith on bass, Tommy Azzinaro on drums, John Anthony on guitar and piano and Cat on vocals. For example just listen to the thundering drums in The Unknown. You wont hear this on any other so called heavy metal album nowadays anymore. This band however still produces these pure heavy metal riffs, that I want to hear so badly. BLACK WIDOW also knows that they should reward the old school metal fans with value for their money. Twelve great songs with a running time of about sixty-five minutes will get you strangled in the web of this venomenous spider. When youve finally worked yourself out of their web, youll find out soon that youve landed on Satans Playground. In other words, you cannot escape the claws of this mighty new heavy metal monster from Baltimore, Maryland. Spiders have always been my biggest nightmare, but I am willing to sacrifice myself and get in touch with the band to find out everything theres to know about Cat and her BLACK WIDOWS. Highlight on this album is definitely the last song Heavy Metal Warrior, that can easily become a real heavy metal anthem in all the clubs of the Maryland area and far beyond that, too!! It wont come as a big surprise, that I rate this CD with the full score.

Kick ass CD!
Dudes, if you don’t get into this, you are so not into metal! I totally dig “Heavy Metal Warrior” and “You’re Guilty”. But I have to do a major shout out for “Night Chills”. That chick singing ROCKS!!! Its about time that women finally do some real metal! If you don’t check out this CD, well, you’re obviously too old, too skippy or just extremely brain-dead!!!! Or should I say, “Brain Damage”‘d!! Black Widow kicks ass!!

a long way from the fish bowl
awesome, kick ass songs. i love it….heavy metal and this band rules.

rocks the house down. killer vocals and drums….
great band, great crunching this cd. it rocks..

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