ALTARS OF MAD DEATH Volume 1 compilation CD RARE brutal Death Metal. 17 bands. Check audio


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1 Maelstrom – innerMost Commotion   [Genre: Technical Death Metal, Country: France (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)]
2 Heresy – Blast
3 Kronos – Haterealm
4 Psychobolia – Faust
5 Carnal Lust – Infectious Mind
6 Hypnosis – Vortex
7 Haeresis – Trampling of the Reason
8 Agnosys – Eternal Torments
9 That Old Black Magic – Incarnation Divine
10 Ostracized – Follower of and Century
11 Eternal – Hardened in the Tars of Their Will
12 Yorblind – Torture Souls
13 Vehemens – Massagrave of Souls
14 Kabbal – Extra Sensorial Journey
15 Bloody Sign – Possessed by the Ancient Earth
16 Trepalium – The Worst
17 Recueil Morbide – Tas de chiennes

French label Diamond Productions has decided to bring the bands of death metal to the fore by putting them on a single compilation album. I think of the old ” Sometimes Death Is Better … 2-4 ” collection from years ago. The content of the album is limited to a very narrow section, which is probably only a good thing for the next-generation listener. This one under the banner is brutal death metal.

Maelstrom with its rather Dying Fetus -style winding crush and Yorblind , which brings to mind mainly the old In Flames. These songs are not so much the best of the collection, but just a slightly different touch.

There is a degree of blackmetal that can be found in Psychobolia , which manages to stand out alongside Kabbal and Kronos , and in a positive sense.

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